Letter to BART, 16th and 24th St Mission signs

If you agree with this note, I encourage you to send BART a message. Contact them.

Dear BART,
Could you please make some way for train riders to better identify the difference between 16th Street Mission Station and 24th Street Mission Station.

Most especially, the signage at these stations cannot be seen from inside the train. This could easily and relatively inexpensively be fixed if you moved the signs so that they are under the lights instead of in the dark where they are now.

The conductors usually announce the names of the stations but a sign is a much more reliable and less stressful way to know where I am.

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  1. friscolex says:

    Hhahahahahhahahahahaah OH SORRY just found it very amusing that any Bay Area transpo agency would ever listen to any logical comment about signage. Plus, where would the thrill go of me thinking I’m at one station and scrambling to get off and then realizing it’s the other one and looking like an idiot? EH??

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