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See You in Boston In January

I’ll be travelling to Boston Jan 11-16 for some R&R with friends before my next big school semester starts up. If you want to spend some time with me, give me a buzz.

How do I Crosspost from WordPress to Google+

I want to write my posts in WordPress and have Google+ display them. It looks like this functionality doesn’t exist. Am I correct?

I want to get excited about G+ but I still can’t find any reason to use it. Oh well.

OrbSWARM Roll at Cal Academy

We had a great roll at Cal Academy last Thursday night

Here’s a totally sweet video of the event from Octotod

local version:

Gmail Bug

I submitted this to the Gmail team:

Here is a bug in the new version of Gmail. I don’t know if this was a bug in the previous version.

1) Go to your Gmail contacts list
2) Click the checkbox to the left of a contact’s name, let’s call him “Adam”
3) Scroll down to the next page of contacts
4) Click the checkbox to the left of a contact’s name, let’s call him “Bob”
5) Click the “Email” button near the top of the screen
6) Notice that Bob’s email address is in the To: field but Adam’s is not. :-(

BeetleBots Zooming Everywhere!

I’ll probably be teaching a class with on December 10th or 11th. Stay tuned for more details!

Here’s the class description as it stands right now:

BeetleBots Zooming Everywhere!

In just a few hours we’ll take some motors and switches and turn them into living, scampering, skittering BeetleBots! It’s a robot that zooms around your kitchen floor in the cutest/creepiest(?) way you’ve ever seen!

When you’re done, you’ll know how to build more of these little guys (did I just say Holiday Project with family?)

This relatively easy robot project gives great food for thought on the nature of artificial intelligence, robotic mobility and… nah, they’re just awesome to play with!

If you don’t have these skills already, you’ll learn how to use a soldering iron and hot glue gun. But the magic isn’t in the legerdemain, it’s in how we put these little guys together and make them go!

How to Swear with Medical Terminology

From a frenzied evening of studying Medical Terminology and then going out with friends…


Please apply suction to my midventral subpelvic acral epidermis.



Here, let me give you a dorsal view of my third distal phalanx.