Recent Good Things

I got a nice note from Ali Davis, author of True Porn Clerk Stories. Ali wanted me to remove my archive because it’s now a book. Like I wrote to Ali:

all too often, good material like what you’ve written just fades away to nothing. I archived it so it wouldn’t die. I’m glad you put it in a book. I removed the archive from my site and put a little note up saying, “hey, buy Ali’s book”


Sometimes the Kinetics department gets donations that we can’t use. We’ve had this box of powertools in a corner of the room for a while. Ben Carpenter picked up a nice old Craftsman circular saw. Man, they don’t make em like they used to, this thing is a beautiful beast! He plugged it in and it works! Trouble is, we just don’t need one in the department. So I walked downstairs with it and saw someone sorting scrap metal outside. I said, “Hey, you look like the kind of guy that needs a circular saw.” He looked quizzically at me for a moment and said, “No way, really? I mean, I was going to go shopping for one, like, today.” We spoke for a few minutes. He’s an intern at the Crucible… he might do part of his internship with Kinetics now. But even if he doesn’t, karma is served.

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