Bagging on Salzburg and Prague

I’m cancelling my trip to Salzburg and Prague.

Just a few months ago, some friends from Prague who visited the Bay Area told me “If you’re ever in Prague, please come to our home for a meal!” I accepted the offer but secretly thought “Sure, that’ll happen. Not.” And then I was offered a free trip to Salzburg in exchange for participating in a corporate workshop. I parlayed that into a trip to see my friends in Prague as well. It seemed to be kismet!

I then started school, not knowing when my tests and important attendance dates would be. I hoped it would work out. When I found out about a DMI 49 test I couldn’t postpone without automatically losing points, I knew there’d be a problem. The timing would cut my trip down to ONLY going to Salzburg for the conference. “Well, I should still want to go be a world traveler, right?” I called a friend and hashed it out. No, I don’t want to be a world traveler. The thing I was most excited about was going to Prague and having a meal with friends, not seeing all the “stuff”. I want… well, what I want is, as of 10 minutes ago, stuck with magnets to my refrigerator! Diane, my DMI 49 teacher suggested the whole class put pictures of what we want on our refrigerators so we can focus on those things. I’ll tell ya how it works out.

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