Burning Man 2011 Resource Guide — Part 3 of 3

Phew! What a list! Here is part 3 of 3 of the Burning Man 2011 Resource Guide. You should start with part 1


Advantage Flight Solutions LLC

2011 marks the seventh successful year of Advantage Flight air service to Black Rock International Spaceport. Our Reno Air Shuttle offers up to six flights daily between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and the playa before, during, and after the event in Turbo Stationair aircraft.

Advantage Flight offers more than safe, dependable passenger service. For the past six years, the Shuttle transported crews and construction materials as the City was built. During the event, the Shuttle also accommodated supply requests, bringing in everything from airline-delayed baggage to tools to aircraft tires. We’re ongoing contributing participants in the event community, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Contact information:
Advantage Flight
info (at) advantageflight (dot) com

Advantage Flight Solutions LLC is an FAA Part 135 air service based at Reno-Tahoe International Airport.
info (at) advantageflight (dot) com

afunRV rentals
jeff and i have a rental business renting motor homes. we have 18 m/homes going to burning man this year, we will both be thier our selves, we can fix anything on a m/home,e-mail add. is AfunRV@aol.com, if you can use our services. my e-mail is danandnorm@charter.net thank you .
danandnorm (at) charter (dot) net

ArtCarSupport is dedicated to supporting the Burningman event, the longevity of the event, and the character of the event because burning is truly our favorite passtime! We dedicate our services and preferred location to a few well organized ArtCars and ThemeCamps. We help with logistics. We have PRE-PLAYA LANDING for your teams. So, if your budget is full of transportation costs, mfg costs and a lack of a permanent home near-playa, we may be able to help. Please see our website, www.ArtCarSupport.com
Remember, we are dedicated to the major, well organized ArtCars and ThemeCamps only.775-557-2804  JB or Slipstream.
JB (at) ArtCarSupport (dot) com

BayNVC is the largest learning community for Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in the world, with about 6,500 people participating in our programs each year.
Our mission is to create a world where people have the skills to create peace. BayNVC offers NVC training, mediation and consulting services to individuals, organizations, and governmental institutions.

NVC was originally developed by the humanistic psychologist Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in the 1960s. NVC consists of a set of practical skills, built on a foundation of self-awareness, that help people shift from blame and judgment into empathic connection. NVC is at heart a deeply spiritual practice aligned with the understanding of nonviolence held by leaders such as Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi.

Our work, while mostly focused the SF Bay Area, has also reached to people from 46 states in the U.S. and from more than a dozen foreign countries. Our staff has facilitated peace-building efforts and conflict transformation on five continents.
judith (at) baynvc (dot) org

Bently Biofuels Company
Green Your Burn

Want to lessen your environmental impact for this year’s burn or just tired of that diesel exhaust stank? There is an option and it’s called – Biodiesel!

Bently Biofuels (bentlybiofuels.com) is a burner owned Nevada Company. We have been delivering biodiesel (B99.9) to the playa since 2006. Our biodiesel plant (the only one in the state) is a couple of hours south of the beautiful Black Rock Desert. We make biodiesel from recycled cooking oil in the most sustainable way we know how and we only sell highest quality fuel tested to meet ASTM standards. While we may be close, it is not easy coordinating logistics on the playa. In order to help with planning please let us know your needs before July 31st. We will try to accommodate last minute requests but just like in the default world — first come, first serve.

To set up a playa delivery contact Carlo Luri (email preferred: carlo.luri(at)bentlybiofuels.com). Or by cell 775-720-0754.

For fuel on the way to the burn (in Reno visit Allied Washoe http://tinyurl.com/RenoBiodiesel or in Minden, NV search Google Maps for “Bently Biofuels Outpost”)
carlo.luri (at) bentlybiofuels (dot) com

Bow Wow Autovice Import Parts and Service
How often do we see and hear about friends breaking down on the way to BM, Sure people help them and they make it there.They still have a great Burn but it would be nice to not have to deal with that. SOOOO if you drive a VW or Audi to the Burning Man and want to have better odds of making it there with out any unplanned side trips to the parts store/wrecking yard etc stop by and see us to get it serviced before you leave. If you are a do it yourself type we have parts for all imports too and lots of friendly free advice. We love the old VW Busses and Bugs so take you VW/Audi to a place it will be loved and cared for.
doug (at) autoviceservice (dot) com

Cashman Equipment
We rent power generators of all sizes from 15KW to 20000kw, including distribution boxes and cables. We can do delivery on-site to Burningman and after event pick-up, OR equipment can be picked up in Sparks. Other construction equipment can also be rented for large art projects. We have been providing generators to Burningman since the beginning.
600 Glendale Ave; Sparks, NV 89431
Contact is Rebel Hooper or Sarah Shields at  775-332-2438  800-937-2326
Rebel_Hooper (at) cashmanequipment (dot) com

Colorado Camper Rental
Colorado Camper Rental is owned by Burners. If you are heading through the Denver area to Black Rock City, we are here to serve you.

We have the largest selection of pop up campers in the state, and our prices are the lowest as well.
coloradocamperrental (at) gmail (dot) com

Discount Fabrics
Discount Fabrics began as a small warehouse over three decades ago in San Francisco’s Mission District. Discount Fabrics is one of the top fabric stores in Northern California. Serving the Burning Man community for years we provide a wide array of affordable fabrics and trims to make your ideas become reality! We offer a very helpful staff to assist you with your project no matter how big or small.
information (at) discountfabrics-sf (dot) com

DustWorks seeks to build sustainable economies of scale through a logistical model that empowers Theme Camps to undertake collectivized infrastructure. By making use of shared essential resources such as electrical power and heavy equipment, DustWorks establishes best practices for theme camp organizers and moves individual camps toward a fundamental understanding of radical collaboration. While respecting individual autonomies and localized culture, we create large-scale efficiencies, thereby engendering conscious use of non-renewable resources.
Using a small number of theme camps (15-25) as test subjects this first year, DustWorks will apply the notions of collectivized power, heavy equipment support, and centralized infrastructure to create a sustainable and efficient playbook of best practices that can be applied to camps of any size. By stressing cooperation and collaboration in manpower, funding, and logistical coordination, DustWorks can help to weave individual clusters into sustainable camps, inefficient camps into coordinated villages, and disconnected villages into a vibrant and healthy city.

Services DustWorks can provide to theme camp organizers:

– Turnkey power grids for theme camp villages
– Heavy Equipment support for theme camp and non-honorarium projects
– On-site maintenance of equipment
– Recommendations and consultations for carbon offset plans, project logistics, and best practices
– Referrals to other providers of sustainable and scalable infrastructure, including:
Temporary structures
Solar and wind energy
Specialized equipment and crews
anothertucker (at) gmail (dot) com

Event Productions
http://www.event productions.com
We provide trucking services, 28′, 48′ , 53′ trailers, or 20′ containers. Load here in Alameda, or at your place. We can handle smaller shipments as well. Bring them to our warehouse, we will wrap or crate them, and deliver them to the playa. We will accept prepaid shipments from anywhere and bring them as well. Call or see our website for more details. Burner owned company.
degan (at) eventproductions (dot) com

Express Printing Inc.
10 burns under our belt we are a burner friendly printing company. special orders are our specialty. We can print, copy,stickers,posters and produce wide format images from almost any original art work, file, slide negative or napkin art.. We use recycled materials and soy and linseed oil inks inks. Special discounts for burners and their friends. Call us for consultation at  208.788.0022  or located in Hailey, Idaho and ship all across the nation.
roger (at) exprnt (dot) com

Friends of the Black Rock/High Rock
The Friends of Black Rock High Rock helps manage the resources of the Black Rock Desert region and educates the public to foster stewardship and preserve its unique character.

Our website provides up-to-date information about area conditions, weather forecasts, and area services. We also provide information about the playa, surrounding areas, and conduct a variety of activities in the area including Hot Springs Tours, service projects, and similar events.
info (at) blackrockdesert (dot) org

Hayes Insurance Agency
We are long time burner as a “profession” and are commercial insurance brokers for fun. We have experience in providing General Liability insurance for burner events- which is usually required by the event sponsors, building owners/landlords or property owners. We do all other insurance such as workers comp and property, but for our burner friends, they usually need General Liability as a top priority for special events, especially if there are things getting burned, climbing art or flame effects. As brokers, we can shop among many insurance companies for best coverage and rates.
Contact: John Lovejoy jlovejoy@hayesbrokers.com aka “Lovetoy”
Galen Hayes ghayes@hayesbrokers.com aka “Nomad”
3550 San Pablo Dam Road #C; El Sobrante, CA 94803
Phone:  800-869-8643
jlovejoy (at) hayesbrokers (dot) com

M 4 Wood
Clean burning firewood available. Both hard and soft wood, any quantity available from small bundles to mutiple cords. Call Dan at  775-221-3445  or Katie at 775-857-7699 to reserve your firewood.
danmoran69 (at) hotmail (dot) com

MECO (Potable Water) – McKinnies Equipment Co.
MECO- Supplier of Water Trucks,Water tanker trailers and sprayer trucks, to the playa, for past 10+ years, along with “POTABLE” (drinkable) WATER, Nevada- Safe Drinking Water, State Certified. We provide 500gal & 1000gal. Water Tanks with pump & hose,for your camp, fill RV’s or your own tanks, & can drain tanks or containments, after event. We also have 2 stall shower unit available, for BM 2011. Please reserve your water tanks early, to assure
we have the tank size & pump set up you need. We are available to meet your water needs, starting mid August through a few days past end. Any special unique water related request, let us know, we are always glad to try to help.
Meco-Reno (at) live (dot) com

Missaiya’s New World Water
Purified water sold in bulk, bottles, filters,Accessories,art and apparel. Humboldt County’s only Water Store. We Burn…Missaiya’s New World Water, 778 18TH Street, Arcata, Ca.707-822-7066
jtobin6921 (at) aol (dot) com

Moose Metal
After a few years of building components for customers who were going to Burning Man, we decided to attend this year. Our shop sells steel, stainless and aluminum. We also do fabrication, machining and waterjet cutting. Customers can buy raw stock and do the work themselves or request us to build partial or complete structures. We are open Mon-Fri 9a-6p and Sat 8a-2p. Call us at 925-676-6667. Moose Metal, 1038 Shary Cir #7, Concord, CA 94518
info (at) MooseMetal (dot) com

My-Burning-Desires.Com is an Extremely Unique store for Uniquely Extreme People!

My-Burning-Desires.com is not just a store, it’s a community project and we welcome you to become a part of it.

What we are trying to accomplish is to connect talented people and artists with a craft or art they wish to sell, with people who are looking to own and appreciate that art or craft. The sale of those items goes back to the original artist and any additional profit from the sale goes back to our Super South Florida Burner Community to help fund our Lumionous Arts Foundation, The Nautibus project, and other great artististic and social endeavors.

We want to create a winning synergy for all that is involved-

-The artisan that sold their item and is supporting their craft.
-The purchaser that bought that unique item that they now love
-The website that has provided the forum to sell the item and is able to support itself and grow
-The burner community that gets additional funds to support their local projects.

Our aspirations and wishes for the site are for it to grow and evolve into a philanthropic business that is able to seek out and support many artists, Burning Man events and other great causes beyond our local community.
info (at) my-burning-desires (dot) com

Oniell Rentals Budget Trucks
We have been serving the Burning Man community for several years now. We have locations in Downtown Oakland and San Rafael. We offer a 20% discount to all trucks going to the Event. If you are unable to clean the truck upon return, for an additional $99 we will do all the cleaning. All we ask is that you bring it back empty and with a full tank of fuel. We have vans, 10′, 16′ & 24′ trucks. The 24′ trucks can be with or without a lift gate.
Please call on my cell phone and I will personally make your reservation.
Oneill  415-299-1557
jack (at) burningman (dot) com

ah-hem. I am licensed General Contractor in the State of California. My background is in Art and Architecture, with both a Bachelors and a Masters Degree from an Ivy League institution in Architecture. All of my projects involve hiring Burners- most notably converting a off the grid nudist colony in Maui into famed photographer David LaChapelle’s artist farm/compound…here I hired (and lived with), and put up with 5 of the worst DPW metal shop workers in excruciatingly gorgeous, and demanding circumstances and converted this hippie hell hole into an artist’s mecca . Recently I was a project manager for Temple 2010 in charge of “anchoring” thanks to 2 of my undergrad colleagues, Rebecca Anders and Peter Kimmelman, temple builders.
craig (at) craigmaldonado (dot) com

Phoenix Handcraft
Handyman/Builder/Rigger offering Art Project Facilitation.
A background in Technical Theater/Design/multi-trades makes me uniquely qualified to help any artist to actualize their vision. Reasonable rates. Enthusiastic service. Burner tested/ Burner approved!
spacebaer (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Power
We design and sell solar (and wind) equipment for power burning man camps. We’ve been powering our own camp(s) with solar and wind for four years, and we also work professionally designing and installing solar (in Colorado) in the default world… we know what works, what can and cannot be done with solar (given a budget) at BRC, and where to get the parts (we sell the solar parts, and can recommend places to get the LED’s, low power lights, sound systems, etc…).

And… we’re on the playa, so if something goes wrong out there, there’s a little better chance of some troubleshooting than if you buy from a random internet store :)
zyewdall (at) gmail (dot) com

Plumb Fabrication

I have a small shop in Reno Sparks area. This is the closest big city on your way to the burn. Last year I was part of an art car building project. I have worked on a few different projects that went to the burn. I am going to offer my shop and skills in fabricating, to help you build your art car, then store it until the burn. You can just show up in Reno pick up your art car and maybe your camping gear. I can make sure that your car is ready to run and have done any of the repairs and or modifications that you need done. I used my shop to help build an art car that went to the burn in 2010. Please have a look at the website. The art car has also become a secondary use vehicle, sign car. Both web pages are found on the http://plumbfabrication.com/ page. Have an idea we can help you make it so. Thanks Damian call  775-722-2843  or email thru the web page please.
ddplumb (at) hotmail (dot) com

PSP Mini Storage
Fernley is the nearest incorporated town to the Black Rock Desert. Our tenants, who enjoy the annual Burning Man Festival, safely store their gear and RV’s at PSP Mini-Storage. We accept delivered packages and make them ready for pick up when you arrive. Our resident managers are on site to assist with your needs: from late arrivals, daily parking rates available during the event and will assist with other special requests. Tenants receive: FREE water, air and sanitary dump. Annual lease rates are available and there are NO contracts. Call or visit our website for more details.
info (at) fernleyministorage (dot) com

Water for all your playa needs. We deliver directly to your camp, tank rentals, shower rentals. This is our 12th year at Burningman and our 18th year providing logistics to isolated sites. The sales of water are limited to 4 truck loads this year with the funds going to offset the costs of our camp and our public bar.

Just drop an email for more information. Also – our rates have been cut since we now have a closer certified source for water. looks like 1.00 a gallon delivered to your camp. We live in Winnemucca and work all over the planet but BM always brings us back to the desert in August.

Thanks again for helping us and our camp Douglas & Dave @ PWI Water
water (at) pwiwater (dot) com

Secret Kitchen
My title is “Jewish Mom and Chef”. I have done various catering gigs (weddings, corporate events, baptisms, etc) on my own from concept to completion. I have run crews of 6-10 people and made (and stuck to) small budgets. I have built kitchens in the desert for various artist groups for Burning Man. This last summer I was the Executive Chef for a crew of 200 construction workers and support crew for a large scale art project. I cooked for 200 or more people three times a day. I had vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free and nightshade sensitive people to accommodate. I made everything from chicken matzoh ball soup to fish tacos with handmade corn tortillas (in a 10-hour, 40 mph dust storm) to smoked and pulled pork with my (almost) famous bbq sauce. I served quinoa pastas, raw kale salads and heirloom tomatoes.
Each time this meant setting up a kitchen for two weeks (or more!) in a desert, run on generators, and cooking, cleaning, and keeping the food coming. (I have set up kitchens with running water, recycling, and full refrigerators out there, I’m not afraid of a challenge. I like to think of it as Hedonism under Fire.) I have also cooked for artist’s groups at Coachella and smaller events.
At the moment I run a small underground restaurant out of my warehouse bi-monthly. I am known for my soups and indoor fire performances. (www.secretkitchenoakland.com)
eva.d.edibles (at) gmail (dot) com

TinkOMatic (tinkomatic.com) allows you to search multiple classifieds and auction sites at once, and save your searches for later monitoring.

You can currently search craigslist, oodle, backpage, kijiji, and eBay all at once; and if you don’t find right away that elusive playa bike, parabolic antenna, or tent frame you need for your next project, you can just save your searches, and easily check whether anything new came up.
The app is completely free and has been featured on lifehacker, mashable, and techcrunch.
saintclare.bob (at) gmail (dot) com

Trailerburn (10+ year Burners) helps Burners:
A. RV Procurement – Find RV, meet sellers, kick tires, negotiate price. Cost: Gas + 25% of whatever Trent negotiates down from the seller’s listed price.
B. RV Registration & Insurance – Cost: $100 + Gas + Registration + Insurance
C. RV Delivery/Pickup to and from Playa – Cleaned up, propaned, watered, dialed in ready to go and delivered to desired playa coordinates, then broken down, cleaned, stored, mothballed, locked up and put to bed until next use. Cost: Gas + $750
D. RV Storage Fees – Cost: $200/yr
E. Inclusion into Rental Fleet – Cost: 50/50 of profits earned
F. RV Renovation and/or Outfitting – Making plush love-wagons – Cost: $25/hr*
G. Gear & Bike Storage – Cost: $90/yr*
NO HEADACHES – Hitch a ride/bus/plane into the playa to have the RV set up in your camp, dialed in.
CUSTOMIZE — Trailerburn personnel are engine and contractor and can customize RVs.
EXIT STRATEGY — When you decide to cease our attendance of Burningman, there is an asset to sell or continue renting for a profit which we can manage.
SAVINGS – Significant cost savings by 2nd year, potentially year 1.
Do the math! :0)
trailerburn (at) hotmail (dot) com

Welcoming Freedom
I help people to reach a deeper awareness of their environment, and the possibilities around them. I do this by using The Sedona Method to assist clients in releasing any ‘stuckness’ that they may be experiencing in their mind, emotions, or bodies.

The Sedona Method is an easy to learn, yet powerful set of self-inquiry techniques.

This is a useful practice for anyone in overload or just looking to more deeply experience and enjoy their time on the Playa.
anders (at) welcomingfreedom (dot) com

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    Know of any other water delivery services for the playa? MECO is full up.

    Marco in Seattle
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