Fearless Chocolate

I went to the “Foodia is Chocolate” event Friday night with Erika. We tried chocolate from Fearless Chocolate, Madecasse, Vice Chocolates, and TCHO. The clear winner: Fearless Chocolate’s Cherry Bomb gnosh (ugh, how do you spell that?). The taste experience was like watching Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulkamania duke it out on a terrific roller coaster… on the moon… in 3-D… In. My. Mouth! Awesome.

And their basic chocolate bars all had a vivid, sharp taste that had us wanting more!

Madecasse: too much of a heavy cream action in all their samples
Vice Chocolates: I don’t recall, there was something not perfect… (sorry)
TCHO: a solid stand-by


  1. Dawn Ryan says:

    ZOMG How did I not know this event was happening?

  2. daniel scott says:

    Ok. We here at FEARLESS Chocolate want to give whoever wrote this review some free chocolate because they’re the coolest ever. Please contact me directly: DS(at)FearlessChocolate.com

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