I Have Laryngitis

Ugh, I haven’t been able to speak in a normal voice since Friday afternoon! Friday evening my voice got hoarse. I figured it was from teaching all week and maybe a bug. Daniel Bauen, my friend from Colossus came through town so I talked to him with my froggy voice. I really shouldn’t have. It hurt my throat to speak every time. Saturday morning I had no voice. I could whisper quietly but even that hurt a little so I generally refrained. On Sunday morning I was having a whispered conversation with Daniel in the kitchen. At one point he turned on the tap to get some water and I was unable to speak over the sound of running water, ugh.

Here we are Monday and I’m coughing up more phlem than ever and I still feel kinda sick. Not really sick but certainly under the weather. And I still can’t speak.

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