Help: Looking for Berkeley shoulder doctor, sans-insurance

A friend of mine who works and lives in Berkeley injured her shoulder yesterday. She does not have health insurance. Can you recommend where she might go to have it looked at? And/or acupuncture…

Is a walk through the yellow pages the only reasonable way?


  1. lee says:

    Sudhu in Berkeley suggests:
    I have many acupuncture friends who’ve done wonders for my shoulder injuries. But sometimes that means a needle 3-4 inches into the shoulder joint…

    Chiropractors (check out The Joint on Telegraph for cheap quick fixes, this guy is pretty awesome)

    else, if your friend can be considered a professional dancer, she can get free care at the ODC Dancer’s Clinic
    Most of the doctors and PT people there are from UCSF and are great…

    hope that helps.

  2. Lee says:

    My friend Ron says:

    HansOn Muscle Therapy
    its a drive, but its worth it – totally worth it

  3. lee says:

    My friends Rick L and Michelle say:
    There is the Berkeley Free Clinic on University near Spenger’s Fish Grotto. It will be packed but it’s free.

    Cheryl says:
    I have had this amazing woman…Ginny Howe…work on my sports injuries. Her # is 526-7102…she does an interesting type of chiropractor stuff, the gentle but powerful kind. She has healed me many times….

  4. lee says:

    Glen A suggests:

    Lee, I know of several low income clinics which take Medical, but not for normal income people w/out insurance. Call me if you think that would help.

    If she was injured at work, even if she’s an unpaid intern, she is eligible for Workers’ Compensation.

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