What Phone Do I Get?

After 2 years, my iphone 3G is dying. The battery life is trailing off and it is getting stupidly slow.

(update: the battery life isn’t quite as bad as I originally thought. I had accidentally left “Email Push” on for the last few weeks, which leaves me with 30% battery after a day of not using the phone at all. Without Push, I’m left with 70%.)

So what new phone do I get? The obvious contenders are iphone 4 and HTC Aria

I’d like to stay with AT&T because
* nice keeping my combined phone bill combined
* I’ve got good AT&T service in all the places I go

HTC Aria:
Pros: Open
Cons: possibly crashes a lot, possibly poor battery life, Entirely creepy Droid marketing still has me freaked out about the whole Android platform.

Apple not allowing reviews of their phone on the AT&T website

iphone 4:
Pros: solid platform(?)
Cons: itunes is the worst media player and sync app ever, draconian dark ops feel to the company, walled fucking garden, disallowing reviews of their products on the AT&T website (see image), Apple not admitting to important problems with their product, the phone slowing down for no good reason after 2 years, possibly poor battery life?

So, which phone do I get?


  1. Alexis says:

    Funny, as we are in need of a new phone in this household. We looked at the Aria last night but didn’t really play with it. My friend loooooves her HTC Incredible, but I’m not sure how this compares. Creepiness of manufacturer v. creepiness of platform is interesting to consider, though. :-) I’ve been wondering if I want to go iPhone or if I should just sign my soul over to Google. Do update when you play with the Aria; or e-mail me with your research as this very household would be so grateful to know!


  2. im sure steven would have alot to say about this. i on the otherhand have been apprehensive about the addictiveness of cellphone technology and stick with my boring 70 no name phone with unlimited long distance and no data. can you believe that? its almost unheard of these days.

  3. Android!

    You can replace the battery as they slowly die from age unlike the IPHone where you have to either send it in (and pay, oh yes you will pay) or get a new phone.

    You can program for it, easily !

    Its getting better every day, there are more free apps, you don’t have to hold it a certain way to get the antenna to work, its alarm works on new years. Google apps work better on Android.

    Great article on switching from Iphone4 to android

  4. Alexis says:

    Oh! We went and got the HTC Aria tonight. It is currently being set up. Will report lator!

  5. lee says:

    Alexis, tell me how you like your phone after a few days. I really really want to know!

    Steven, thanks for the recommendation. I’m so uncomfortable about switching. The readwriteweb article reiterates a lot of what I’ve heard, something like “Android is a big bother and things keep crashing, but it’s awesome and I love it.” That’s just such an odd reaction!

  6. lee says:

    Last night we had a SWARM meeting. 4 of my nerdiest friends were overwhelmingly in favor of Android. So I just bought a Samsung Captivate on Amazon.com. It’ll be here Monday!

    The AT&T website wanted $150 for the phone and Amazon wanted $50.
    $50 – phone
    $18 – activation
    $40/month – AT&T Nation 450 Rollover Minutes
    $25/month – DataPro 2GB for Smartphone

  7. *Cries* $25 a month for data… You guys got it good.
    For us its about $45 for 2gb, and $100 for 400 mins (that don’t roll over to the next month)

  8. lee says:

    Steven, Yipe! Sorry to hear about your phone bills!

  9. Alexis says:

    So after a few days, there’s general approval but not enthusiasm about the phone. It seems that it’s not as “toaster oven” as the iPhone, meaning, you plug it in and it just works. So there’s a bit of tweaking but a very small about of nerdiness is adequate. I personally like the size.

  10. lee says:

    Yeah Alexis, I’m thinking the same thing. I “kinda” like it. There are many many smallish interface issues that bug me. I’m gradually learning the non-intuitive interface and picking up apps to fix the problems with it.

    The thing that drives me CRAZY is that the menu buttons at the bottom turn off after 3 seconds of inactivity. So I can never find the most important 4 buttons in every application! Alexis, does yours do the same? Maybe mine is defective?

  11. Alexis says:

    The phone is actually used by The Professor, who claims to not know if the buttons turn off. So not sure what that means. Sorry, he seems hard to get info out of. I’ve been trying to teach him how to overanalyze more. :-)

  12. Lee says:

    That is insane.

  13. Vickie says:

    Hi there cutie!! I was just thinking about you and thought I would say HI! I saw your phone debate, and although I’m too late to sway your opinion, I just got the iPhone 4 and I really. love it. The guy at the store showed me a way to keep the battery strong, and the touch screen and app features are really cool. So, when are you coming to NJ? I miss you! Maybe I’ll have to hop on a plane and come to SF. Hope to talk to you soon. ~Vickie

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