Burning Man 2010 Resource Guide – Part 2

Here is the second part of  the Burning Man 2010 Resource Guide. Go back and find the first part here.

Deborah Wright Designs


“For over 7 years, Deborah Wright has been outfitting the Black Rock City denizens in sartorial splendor.

From sleek and sensuous to friendly, furry coats so envied on chilly playa night-time strolls, commissions for unique ensembles gladly taken.

Our goal is to create the most soul stirring, luxury, playa-bound wardrobes possible. Pendant necklaces of pewter, bronze and silver designed for unforgettable playa gifts, a specialty! Resource choices are endless as the studio is located mere minutes from the largest selection of fabric and faux furs on the west coast.

Finally, every single item in the shop is handmade.

One of a kind, one at a time!!

References gladly extended.

Also found at:





Studio.wright (at) gmail (dot) com

Distinctivefabric.com, Inc.


Internet fabric store specializing in hard-to-find, costume fabrics (including numerous short and long hair furs), accessories and notions. Available by yard or roll at both retail (with volume discounts) and wholesale pricing. Fast FedEx shipping, monthly discounts, great customer service, and best yet Burner founded, owned and operated. Find, follow and like us on Facebook and Twitter.

jedi (at) distinctivefabric (dot) com

Diva Bella Designs


“Unusual playa costumes.

…Eye glitter strips that are quick to apply, beautiful, reusable, and come in a variety of designs and colors. Get amazing eye makeup results in seconds.

…High quality full costumes that won’t shed on the Playa. Sexy!

…The most amazing playa coat that shows just enough body while keeping you warm at night.

…Wonderful glowing flowers to make you sparkle on those dark playa nights. Add one to your hair, clothes, or hat for safety.

…Burner owned and operated business, playa tested stuff, secure website.

keira (at) divabelladesigns (dot) com



EMBODY is a line of funky eco-friendly clothing and accessories that fuses edgy styles with function. The designer, Tara White, strives to green all aspects of her business and challenges consumers to rebel against cookie cutter fashion with one of a kind designs created out of recycled materials. The mission is to make women feel confident, comfortable, and empower them to choose their own identities.

tarawhite (at) embodyclothing (dot) com

Entomo Machine


“Customized medallions for your theme camp? Looking to gift something truly unique that will last forever? I can help with the design and creation of your solid brass medallions and mementos. Visit my website to see the creations of various theme camps; then contact me on how to get things rolling on your design. I work with a computer driven milling machine and can make virtually any shape imaginable.

I am nearly maxed on bandwidth for this year’s Burn so please hurry if you’re interested, that or start thinking “Decompression Medallions”.

Best Wishes, Jonathan (AKA Entomo)

jonathancwest (at) yahoo (dot) com

Erisflaming’s Costumes and Art


I make upcycled fashions and pillows from great recovered materials, paint original watercolors, and tinker with trinkets.

arandall333 (at) comcast (dot) net

Fire Dog Designs


We specialize in leather stash pocket belts. All leather goods sold by Fire Dog Designs are handmade. Our wares are inspired by tribal and earth-based motifs and are designed to be sexy, functional works of art. We keep fire spinners, burners, travelers, performers, and bohemians of all walks of life in mind when creating our collection. Mention this website and receive 10% off all belts until the burn 2010!! And don’t forget to come have tea @ Skinny Kitty Teahouse.

jennifer (at) firedogdesigns (dot) com

Firefly Style


“Womens sustainably grown cotton/lycra active clothes with a stylish twist all made in the USA.

We’ll be at the Playa Events in SF on July 25th and August 15th at Cafe Cocomo 650 Indiana St. SF www.preparefortheplaya.com

You can see us there and try it on in person plus watch the fashion show and get playa education. The best collection of burner gear and knowledge under one roof.

dragonfly (at) fireflystyle (dot) com

Fur Traders


“Large selection of Playa Wear: Mad Max Boots, Deerskin Garments, Leather pieces and sides, LED lights, Body lights Unusual Embellishments, Masks,Flash Wear, Novelty light effects, Costume Accessories……

Ask about special Burners discount.

Visit us in Historic Downtown Nevada City, California

233 & 319 Broad Street

4 Hour Drive to the Black Rock Desert ”

furtraders (at) live (dot) com

Furlicious Furs


Furlicious creates unique fashions out of high quality and luxurious synthetic fur and fleece. We offer a wide range of custom hats, leg warmers and accessories. All products are 100% handmade, vegan, cruelty and sweatshop free. We take pride in offering ethical products at affordable prices. All products are also MOOP free. Free shipping for all Burners!!

Cpreston916 (at) gmail (dot) com

Furr Play


“FurrPlay – Clothing and Accessories

For When You Want To Walk On The FurrSide!


Your affordable alternative for faux furr Shrugs/Sleeves, Vests, Hats with ears, and Loin Cloths with tails; Tops for men and women; and Skirts – and I sew it all myself! All purchases include a FREE furr Bracelet. If you purchase a hat and sleeve in the same order, you get a set of furr cuffs FREE!

I will be participating in the Prepare for the Playa events again this year. They are going to be held July 25th and August 10th at Club Cocomo, 650 Indiana Street, San Francisco. This is a By Burner, For Burner event. If you are in the Bay Area, come on by. http://www.preparefortheplaya.com.

Wishing you warm, fuzzy hugs — Gwen (Burning since 2000)”

furrplay123 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Genesis Light Line


“Genesis Light Line, LLC & GloRope.com is a Colorado Springs, Colorado based company offering state of the art glow in the dark products for both wholesale and retail purchase. With products ideally suited for both corporate and consumer use, we are positioned to become an industry leader in this new and exciting emerging market


Our glow in the dark products include Nylon and Polypropylene UL and Milspec rated Nylon, Poly, Static, Spectra and Dyneema glow ropes in a wide selection of sizes and lengths.We also have other products that are exclusive to GloRope.com clients that include our signature line of glowing dock cleats marine fenders and buoys, glowing pet products as well as glow thread, glow fabric and glowing self adhesive safety sheeting.

Additionally, we are currently working with other corporate partners and industry leaders to further expand our ability to meet the growing demands for these products.

All our glow products utilize a unique chemical bonding and compounding process that enables them to glow for extended time periods while perpetually retaining their glow properties.Regeneration is accomplished by way of appropriate exposure to either ambient light or natural sunlight.

Our products bring immeasurable benefit to those who utilize them by virtue of their

unique properties and intrinsic safety features. We look forward to the future and

the unlimited possibilities with regard to this exciting technology, as we seek to

provide consumers world wide with products that truly change lives.

GloRope.com – Your Beginning to a Brighter Tomorrow”

davidm (at) glorope (dot) com

Happy Hatz


I make hats and bags of faux fur and other interesting textiles.

tzipora (at) anet (dot) net



“Welcome to Hip*Stirr!

Accessories with Attitude

Funktional belts and bags that are the purrfect Burning Man attire and the must have for Playa play!

Carry everything you need AND know where it is…

Sexy Sultry Sleek and Absolutely Essential!

Come get everything you need for the burn at the Prepare for the Playa shows, July 25 and Aug 15, Cafe Cocomo, SF,www.preparefortheplaya.com

sacredgems (at) yahoo (dot) com

I Do What I Want Industries


“idowhatiwant.org is a one stop destination for playa wear made from recycled materials such as neckties, men’s shirts and other assorted cast offs. this site is also a place to buy “”charm school for men””, a guide to help men not scare away women. ”

partyradar (at) gmail (dot) com

Itty Bitty Bettys


“Tutus, tutus, flowers, and fun. Only listed in views are childrens tutus, but I do make adult tutus. The flowers can be adorned on headbands, clips or hats.

More items to be listed but I’m always up for custom designs.”

ittybittybettys (at) yahoo (dot) com

Junkee Clothing Exchange


“Recycled costumes and affordable vintage clothing – handmade custom hats, bustles and circus ware.

Visit facebook at Junkee Clothing

We are locally burner-owned and have attended Burning Man for the last 10 years. We love fellow burners – come check us at in Reno.

Address: 960 S. Virginia Street, Reno, NV 89502 775-322-5865”

junkeeclothingexchange.com (at) (dot)



“Kamavastra means sensual clothing —“kama” means sexuality and “vastra” means clothes.

Every piece is sensual, naughty, bold and has a element which triggers an urge to explore more! The collection defies conventional wisdom and sets a new trend.

It mixes together raw sexiness and comfort to ensure a perfect fit and lots of fun

From delicate chemises and raunchy baby dolls to functional yet beautifully designed robes you are guaranteed to look sensational and feel invisible.

Each piece in the kamavastra collection is exclusive. There is no mass production and you will not find it in any retail store. You can see some of the pieces collection online at www.kamavastra.com and contact fashion_services@yahoo.com to have a very special garment exclusively designed and made for you.

fashion_services (at) yahoo (dot) com

KAYO anime clothing


“KAYO – anime street gear

Born and raised in Japan, Kayo was inspired by the bold and stylistic look of anime (or computer games)costumes.

KAYO wants to always intrigue and surprise by finding in the audience the yet different aspect of self, As you gain new experiences and keep changing because Kayo believes that fashion is an expression and representation of different faces we contain within ourselves.

Her special one of the kind, hand made clothing are available at lower haight co-operative “TRUNK”, 544 Haight street, also at Ceiba Record 1364 Haight street.

kayo1221 (at) gmail (dot) com



“Hand made and one of a kind faux fur coats (Royal Robes) and accessories. Light up coats have LEDs sewn in between the faux fur and the interior. King Koitus (The Mad Couture) has over 100 of types of faux fur and over 200 types of interiors to choose from in his studio in Mendocino CA . The King’s Royal Robes and Light Up Coats are for sale at P-KOK 1445 Haight St near Ashbury and at Mazahar in Willits or my website for pre made or custom orders.

Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO, LEE SCRATCH PERRY, The Residents and Polysics all own Royal Robes! Check out my commercial for a look into my studio at


king (at) lightupcoats (dot) com



“Each year, I hang out with 50,000 other people on a playa in the middle of nowhere to celebrate life.

I said to myself, “”Self, it’s cold. Where can I get some really cool, faux fur clothing right about now, and is that rock talking to me?””

When I got back I asked Martha to make some items for me, and the light bulb went off. “”We could make Faux Furry things for others!””

We offer some fantastic faux fur clothing and hats, made with superior craftsmanship, and some of the best fake fur out there.

craig (at) mcfur (dot) com

miranda caroligne – a living construction boutique

485 14th st @ guerrero sf ca
Starting 2010, Miranda Caroligne is only open by appointment in order to better serve custom orders. Please visit Trunk to see the largest selection of my work, but do feel free to visit me for free alterations & customization any time!

and my cooperative boutique featuring ALL LOCALLY MADE works!
544 haight st btw steiner/fillmore sf ca
trunksf (at) gmail (dot) com
Open monday, wednesday – saturday 11am – 8pm; sunday noon – 5pm; closed tuesdays

Reconstructing Clothes for Dummies, August 2007, Wiley Publishing
get your signed copy live and in person at the mc boutique, Trunk OR order it through www.mirandacaroligne.com (links to amazon, but be sure to link via my website!!!)


Mo Faux Fur


“Our mission is to enhance every experience with products that promote radical self-expression through faux fur.

We specialize in one-of-a-kind handcrafted faux fur outfits, including leg warmers, cat hats, faux FURtility belts, string FURkinis, and other accessories. Our products are perfect for Burning Man or any other radically self-expressive event.

Founded by a group of West Coast Burning Man veterans, Mo Faux Fur creates faux fur products locally. We strive to make our products in a sustainable way by reusing, recycling, and reFURbishing. We try to get our supplies from second-hand sources and are always looking for suggestions and recommendations.”

carnut17 (at) gmail (dot) com



Fashion and function collide to make the Novadiem Pocket belts. So useful you’ll find yourself wearing them every day for the rest of your life and feel naked without them.”

robin (at) novadiem (dot) com



“OffBeatWEAR is a small burner owned business located in the Nevada desert. We specialize in fabulous fur coats in both short and long lengths, but we have other fun garments to accessorize your furry frock! All of our coats are custom made with high quality faux fur, fabulous colored bridal satin, and hand made buttons! We offer low UPS shipping or FREE Playa Pickup, and a 10% discount on all orders placed before August 10 (coupon code BMAN2010)

Order early to get your 10% discount!”

sunkist (at) offbeatwear (dot) com

Organic Armor


Organic Armor sculpts costumes for celestial warriors, circus divas and residents of Metropolis. It looks like antique metal or leather, but it’s lightweight and flexible. Look amazing all night AND be comfortable! Especially suited to performance. We make horns of all sizes, playa cowboy hats, steampunk top hats and bowlers, bustier sets, belly dance wear, circlets, and all sorts of accessories. We love custom projects. Order online or find us at Prepare for the Playa on 8/15 at at Cafe Cocomo. Handmade with love in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC.

jennifer (at) organicarmor (dot) com

Organyx by RachelAnne


Organyx by RachelAnne is an exclusive line of organically grown cotton clothing made in the USA. We offer ladies tank tops with matching thong underwear, & t-shirts for men and women. Check out our newest eco-friendly product, the hanging bamboo incense holder! Perfect for your playa perfumery, these sustainable, fire resistant, hanging bamboo holders protect the incense stick inside a tube of bamboo, allowing only smoke to escape. Safe to use on the playa or even while driving a vehicle, enjoy yours today!

Rachelanne (at) organyx (dot) net

Original GlowFur!


“The Original GlowFur you love is Playa ready this year. There’s nothing quite like the look and feel of a glowing fur coat, skirt, Playa hoodie, or a vest seen on the Playa. “”It’s simply magical…””. Very limited handmade Playa favorites are ready and we’ve designed several coats be very affordable this season. Also, check out the sexy Playa Corsets!

Once our inventory is gone… that’s it for this season. Call for any specifics or possible custom orders at 403-890-9811″

glowfur (at) gmail (dot) com

Playa Fun Furs


“Delicious, divine playa finery, handmade to fit you…you beautiful Burners!

Local SFbay area ~ Oakland based sew artist.

Custom made, pick your fur(s) and the style.

Faux fur coats, vests, boot covers, moop-free boas, and…???

beautifulburners (at) playafunfurs (dot) com

Playa Fur


Custom creations! Playa coats, leggings or any other crazy creation your heart desires. Hand made by a burner, for burners! Mention this and recieve 20% off any custum creation and free shipping on orders over $100. Fuzzy Dreams Mercedes!

Mercedes (at) playafur (dot) com

Playa Wear



Fun, sexy, warm, and comfortable PlayaWear Fashions for women, men, and children. Monster fur coats, vests, and more…Our creative designs are unique, affordable, hand-made, and one-of-a-kind fashions that will allow you to capture and wear the spirit of Burning Man. We enjoy helping to clothe Black Rock City and its pre & post events across the country.

Plus, to help keep our world green, we also offer a host of gently-worn and gently-worn-restyled fashions.

Let us help dress you for Burning Man and more. Come visit our web site or Ebay store today and throughout the year, as we continue to add new and unique styles.

See you on the Playa!

Jammie Sant



jammie (at) playawear (dot) com



“Bouncy, fun, flirtatious and playful – these skirts get everybody’s attention!

It is truly hard to explain the joy that it is to wear one of these skirts. They sway and bounce as you walk, the bottom edge twists into a figure eight to be able to get in and out of the potties without it touching anything, and springs right back into shape when done. 2010 is the first year that I am sharing these with others, so be part of the first generation!

Many colors of poofs are available and any pattern is possible.”

poofskirts (at) gmail (dot) com

Prism Magic Clothing & Imports


Prism Magic is owned by burners and stocked for burners. Of course Prism Magic is THE spot for all your Tie Dye needs, but we have tons of other fun and unique stuff. We’ve stocked Playa wear, sinfully sexy burner wear, faux fur clothing, black light latex body paint, face paint, costumes, art bikes, petticoats, and more! Come in early this year and stock up, or stop in on your way to the desert. Our friendly and helpful staff will help you gear up for the big event. Located on 2161 Pyramid Way a block north of the skate park Prism Magic is easy to find, and we’re on route to the Playa!

prismmagic (at) gmail (dot) com

Remastered Virgins


As Remastered Virgins we create feather headdresses, hair clips, hat pins and many leather cuffs with, you guessed it, feather trim. Our feather obsession has turned to feather madness if you have ever had a feather craving we have your fix. Our creative line of remastered clothing made with new and recycled fabrics including materials from sweaters, pillow cases, sheets, vintage dresses, coats and a plethora of f aux-fur finished attire, all make delicious playa ensembles. To top everything off you’ll need some hand made, designer fire poi for this years burn so come to Cafe Cocomo 650 Indiana St. SF on July 25th and August 15th to pick out your one of a kind, can’t live without, burning man gear at the PREPARE FOR THE PLAYA event! www.preparefortheplaya.com

remasteredvirgins (at) hotmail (dot) com

Retro City Fashions


“cool vintage and used clothing, fabrics, hats, and and and for creative playa wear.

From cheap to chic, from fun to funky.

Werner’s 21 year old Retro City Fashions empire has 7 unique stores, each with a different name and different concepts.

Clothes Contact : fashion and fabrics by the pound – $

Mission Thrift : thrift store glam – $

Held Over : since 1978 – the original – $$

Haight Ashbury Vintage : from hip to hippie – $$

La Rosa Vintage : la creme de la creme – $$$$

Mars : invaders of closet space – $$

Sharks : vicious vintage by the pound – $

One year Werner supplied like 20,000 neckties for camp tieoneonintieland, if you have a pic or story please email him.

ww (at) retrocity (dot) com



Earth Friendly Foot Fashion and Accessories for Extremities! What could be better than comfy socks in your playa boots! We at RocknSocks design funky socks for women and men that will keep your feet rockin’ through the cold playa nights. Find us at one of our many bay area events and you can also pick up hats, wrist cuffs, and scarves made from recycled/reconstructed sweaters and t-shirts. Because life’s too short to wear white socks!

misty (at) rocknsocks (dot) com

Rugburn Aprons!


“Custom handmade aprons from retro to modern styles in bright vibrant colors and patterns. The citizens of Black Rock work hard and can stay in style with these delicious aprons! Ranging in styles from full aprons to half, reversible to utilitarian, I make it all! My latest design smashes a utility belt with flair! If you have an idea for a special apron let me know! I LOVE customizing and designing quality work!

As a part of the human race, I also donate 15% of proceeds from each individual item sold to a charity of *YOUR* choice. I believe that we all have a responsibility for making the world around us a little better in any way we can. So it’s good karma all around: you get a fabulous and cute handmade creation while saving the world at the same time! Huzzah!!!

Special offer: Buy one get one 50% off if you send a note saying “”BlackRockCitizen”” with your order!!!

See you in the dust!”

rugburn.aprons (at) gmail (dot) com




We all love Utilikilts, y’know? but they are so…UTILITARIAN! Boys, git yer Kilt attitude on with a silly one from http://runzwithscissors.net/SilliKilts-SlashedSlips.html. I am creating unique ones — brocade, cowboys, polka dots, stripes+plaid, little fruits… Add a cargo pocket, and you can still wear your podbelt! I’m a 10-year burner, and as much as I love those khaki thingies, when I look at them I just see dots! or stripes.

These are designed just for you, and for Burning Man. Each will be unique.

While you’re there, take a look at my Reconstructed Lingerie — dyed, slashed, embellished — & head and arm wear perfect for playa prancing at http://etsy.com/shop/RunzwithScisors Or skip over to my SAFETY THIRD shirts at my other Etsy store: http://etsy.com/shop/SafetyThird

Free shipping to Burners! (message code: Burner)

Proud member of the Etsy Burner Team (search tag “”etsybrcteam””).

Hope to recognize you on the playa!



asstrid (at) cox (dot) net



“SAFETY THIRD tees for big boys and girls

Hand-screened Custom and OOAK tees celebrating explosions, amputations, radioactivity, fire, smoke & effluvia, and running with scissors. Enjoy the handmade charm of burners’ favorite phrase! Proud member of the Etsy Burner Team (search tag “”etsybrcteam””).

=>> Free shipping to Burners! (message code Burner) <==

Hope to recognize you on the playa!


safetythird (at) cox (dot) net

Shiva Moon Design


“Luminescent faux fur products to snazz up your outfit and light your way! Coats for women, vests for men, hoodies, boas, and more. Boas are great for accessorizing or adding lighted fringe to your already amazing outfit. All original designs are MOOP-free and Playa tested.

Our products cast a soft, mellow glow that produce enough light to create a mood and light the darkness, but not too bright as to be blinding. Stand out from the crowd, be visible to friends, and stay warm to boot! All products run on standard batteries.

Visit us at http://www.shivamoondesign.com



matt (at) shivamoondesign (dot) com



“Fabulous utility playa wear, specializing in hand made leather hip bags, cuffs, and headgear. Custom orders loved and appreciated!

10% of all sales will be donated to the Feed the Artists program!!!”

teslajamieson (at) gmail (dot) com



SuperSugarRayRay creates fun and unique clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Some of her specialties included legwarmers, armwarmers (called slugs) and desert robes for men – excellent for the playa. Check her website for many items or visit her in person at Prepare for the Playa at Club Cocomo in San Francisco on July 25th and August 15th.

supersugarayray (at) yahoo (dot) com

tess felix the itinerant hairdresser


Fab Playa Hair-do’s. I make dread falls and dread bunches to pin and tie to your own hair for an instant Playa Babe look. I also provide a service of attaching hair extensions, dreads and braids. Costum color mixes available. I will be present at Prepare for the Playa at Cocomo Lounge on July25th. and August 15th.

tessfelix (at) att (dot) net

The Melting Pot World Emporium


Your official Reno Burning Man Ticket Outlet for the past 14 years. Voted best Reno clothing boutique & best place to shop for Playa garb, year after year. The store is truly a Burner’s wet dream. Exotic, funky, sexy clothing, couture & accessories, belly dance apparel, Jewelry, art, home decor, goggles, blinkies, fully stocked pipe room and tons of awesome stuff to enhance your experience on and off the Playa. The Melting Pot is the Grandfather of Burner Boutiques, a must see destination when passing through Reno.

ericbaron100 (at) gmail (dot) com

Velvet Garden


Velvet Garden is Gothic thrift store! It’s a unique website where you can buy or sell new & used Gothic clothing, music, books, accessories and more!

alison (at) velvetgarden (dot) net

Velvet Mechanism


“Velvet Mechanism is a boutique for unique, hand-crafted, steampunk jewelry from an era that never was. We feature an array of steampunk accessories for men and women – corsets, harnesses, cufflinks, necklaces, goggles and more!

All items are hand-crafted from non-working vintage materials including watch movements, clock gears, skeleton keys, WWII military spats, and manual typewriter keys. Most of the materials that I work with date from the late 1800s up to the 1940s. I love giving these beautiful materials the chance to be seen and appreciated again! ”

velvetmechanism (at) gmail (dot) com

Wear With Attitude!


“Fun Funky Faux Fur hats designed to keep you feeling warm and looking hot while dancing ’til dawn on chilly playa nights!

You choose the style and the color, and Ms. Presto works the magic.

All hats are 100% burner made and guaranteed to make you smile.

Sign up on our email list so you can take advantage of

special pricing all summer long.

Don’t miss your chance to wear a little slice of heaven ; )”

mspresto (at) wearwithattitude (dot) com

Wild on the Inside Faux Fur


“The LARGEST selection of Handmade Faux Fur Burner Wear Available off the rack!

Specializing in reversible, fully functional, tons of pockets, FAUX FUR Playa Coats in several lengths ready to ship or contact me now to co-create a custom piece with your choice of furs… without the custom price!!

Faux Fur Long Playa Coats, Reversible ULTRA LIGHT Cuddle coats, fur vests and hoodies and much much more!

Everything is made by burner hands, mine, in my studio! I have been inspired by the creativity of the burner community and now happily share it through my designs with the community!

Come try on in person at the Prepare for the Playa Events July 25th and August 15th in SF at Cafe Cocomo or shop online at www.wildontheinside.com

Mention you found me on JRS and receive FREE SHIPPING!!!”

wild (at) wildontheinside (dot) com

Wild Thang Festive Apparel


“Clothing that is as beautiful, unique and colorful as you are! Wild Thang Festive Apparel evolved from years of making outrageous clothing for friends on the Playa. I design and hand make each piece at my studio in San Rafael, Ca. Stunning faux fur coats, colorful pants & tops, playful dancewear, hats, things you have never thought of before and much more.

Time tested through years at BRC. My creations are as functional, durable and washable as they are sexy, gorgeous, touchable and fun to wear and at an affordable price. I have a wide selection at my studio and work with clients for custom orders. Call for an appointment (415-482-7640). Custom orders book quickly as The Burn approaches. Blessings!

festiveapparel (at) gmail (dot) com

year of the milliner


I am a revolutionary hatmaker. I focus on custom orders using the faces of foxes, military hats and juliette caps. You can contact me for a range of different hats as well as animal tails (foxes, coyotes and raccoons). These are not hats for the faint of heart…

yearofthemilliner (at) gmail (dot) com


Advantage Flight Solutions LLC


“We’ll fly ya to the playa! Advantage Flight celebrates its sixth year of flights to Black Rock City with up to six departures each day from Reno/Tahoe International Airport. We’ve flown over 300 playa flights carrying participants, build crews, art projects, equipment, camp materials, emergency supplies, and brew. We offer the most spectacular way to see our city and a great way to bypass Exodus. As a Burner-owned company, we do our best to provide a safe and enjoyable flying experience.

Reno — BRC Air Shuttle

The Air Shuttle offers up to six flights daily before, during, and after the event between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Black Rock City with six-person Turbo Stationair aircraft.

Super King Air Connection Service

Want fast, non-stop service connecting to the BRC Air Shuttle for up to eight passengers and gear to and from most airports in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Portland, Seattle, Denver, and throughout the West? We can pick you and your friends up in style and make a seamless transfer with the Black Rock City Air Shuttle.

For faster service, please use our online information and booking request page: http://www.advantageflight.com/bman.html

See you there!

+1 775-852-3512

info (at) advantageflight (dot) com



Aflac’s Accident Insurance will pay Cash benenfits directly to you in the event of an Injury, On or Off the Playa. Los Angeles Based Rep/Regional Mgr.

hmdrs (at) sbcglobal (dot) net

Bill McClaren Photography


Photographer based in Oakland. I’ll be shooting emotive and (hopefully) revealing portraits during this year’s BM. These portraits will be free. Otherwise, my rates are reasonable and quite affordable. Check out my Web site for samples of my work.

bill (at) billmcclaren (dot) com

Diana Sabreen Photography


“Diana Sabreen Photography specializes in Adventure, Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography.

Based out of Breckenridge, Colorado, and a frequent world traveler, Diana is available for local assignments as well as travel to other locations worldwide.

She is the founder of ShootCamerasNotGuns.org, an organization dedicated to teaching photography as a tool for expression and social change.

Discounts are available for same sex weddings and commitment ceremonies and Burner events!

info (at) DianaSabreen (dot) com

Disco Dog Ranch


“We’re a free-range (no kennels) dog boarding “”ranch”” located north of Seattle on 5 acres, available to watch your furry family members while you’re Burnin’. It’s like a giant dog park, where they play all day, and sleep in our home at night. Peace of mind for you while you’re away, and summer camp for your pooch! Lic/Ins/Professional”

discodogranch (at) gmail (dot) com

Divine Gypsy Designs


Artists Patricia Tamariz and Toby Verhines combine forces to transform faces and bodies into living works of art. Tribal meets contemporary with this highly interactive art form creating a truly memorable, immersive experience. Wielding shamanic paintbrushes, these two will literally turn you into whatever your imagination can dream up.

patriciatamariz (at) gmail (dot) com

Flux53 Theater


“Inexpensive rehearsal space available for your band/theater troupe/fire performers. We have a 30’x20′ stage and a 900 sq’ open air back patio. Unique performance/event space for whatever you may dream to do – so come and do it already!

Producing exhibitions, workshops, movie nights, live music and theatrical events in all genres, OUR MISSION is to offer our local and Burner community a center of culture and art, and an open forum for the creative spirit. Our hope is that our efforts enrich the local community and encourage access to the performing and visual arts throughout Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area. ”

flux53theater (at) gmail (dot) com

Foreworks – Flaming Sparrow


“Fire dancer? We got wick!

Tape from 1- to 4-inches wide, 1/16th or 1/8th-inch thick.

String and rope in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2-inch diameters.

Toys, prepared wick, and Safety gear too!

Order on-line now at http://www.foreworks.com

If we can’t ship it in time to reach you, we’ll bring it to the playa.

eric (at) foreworks (dot) com

Helios Jewlery


“I’m a jeweler who can make models and castings for camp “”charms””, swag and gifts Pewter with pewter finish or gold plated. 50 piece minimum. Please contact me and I can email pictures of 2 that I have done in the past and 2 drawings of what I am working on for this year. ”

tzipora (at) anet (dot) net

Narasopa Media LLC


Want to get your pictures up online? Want a killer website that does justice to the scale of your sculptures or art car? Looking to build an interactive network to keep connections alive across the year? I can help and love working on interesting projects…

admin (at) narasopa (dot) com

Ojala International, Inc.


“vPlaya is a social network, but not just any network. It is Red Star camps gift to the community this year, and hopefully uniquely tailored to the culture and needs of the Burning Man community. In time we dream of extending the network into the virtual world where people can visit and continue to participate in the community, experience, and create installations in the technological realm. This evolution into the virtual world is why this project is called vplaya.com for “”virtual playa””.”

madmax (at) vplaya (dot) comthis

Oneill’s Rentals


Oneill’s Rentals in Oakland and San Rafael rents budget trucks at a discount if you state you are going to Burning Man. They also have a $99 truck cleaning program for those who don’t have the time or the desire to clean the truck upon return. The best contact number is 415-299-1557.

oniellsrentals (at) gmail (dot) com

Photos By S.NJacobson


” I would love people , with concepts, art cars, great bikes,etc, etc to find me this year (@ 8.05 and F)

and let me take your soul.

You can see past work at:



See you in Metropolis


SNJ (at) snjacobson (dot) com

PWI Water


“Simple enough we provide potable water to burners delivered to your campsite. We can also arrange rental on tanks up to 1000 gallons dropping them off and picking them up before and after the burn.

This will be year 5 delivering potable water. call for more information.”

pwijobs (at) gmail (dot) com

Rolling Absurdity


Builder of the highest quality custom artcars on the playa.

grandmastersanto (at) gmail (dot) com

Sparkjoy Studios


We are a creative studio building digital properties such as web sites and online interactive content; and physical properties such as custom furniture, custom composite material design and build, and interactive sculptures.

david (at) sparkjoy (dot) com



“TinkOMatic (tinkomatic.com) allows you to search multiple classifieds and auction sites at once, and save your searches for later monitoring.

You can currently search craigslist, oodle, backpage, kijiji, and eBay all at once; and if you don’t find right away that elusive playa bike, parabolic antenna, or tent frame you need for your next project, you can just save your searches, and easily check whether anything new came up.

The app is completely free and has been featured on lifehacker, mashable, and techcrunch.”

saintclare.bob (at) gmail (dot) com

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