Movies from my India Trip

On my flight from San Francisco to India and back in February, I had a LOT of time to watch movies. And it did.

Gi Joe: Rise of Cobra – splosions! Lots of splosions!

The Invention of Lying – a totally awesome and fun one trick pony

Astro Boy – awful

Love Happens – I really enjoyed it! A bit disjointed but I saw through that

All About Steve – a mistake. Poor plot, direction, script. 25 minutes was wayyy enough of that

Imagine That – 30 seconds strongly suggested that it was a bad “hilarity ensues” movie

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – slapstick comedy for the 5-12 set. Not for grown ups.

Management – I gave it 15 minutes. Feh, it’s another blandly plotted Jennifer aniston movie

District 9 – wholely incomplete :-(. Unhappily amoral. Filled with dumb humans and aliens, pretty much too dumb to be believable.

Terminator Salvation – the first 15 minutes demonstrated poor storytelling. 20 minutes in, they gave a magic skynet shutdown code to only O’Connor, wha??? It’s a total retread but it has enough explosions to make up for it

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