On Having 2 Monitors

A few months ago my second monitor broke, leaving me with just my 19″ monitor. I tried to fix the 17″ monitor but no success. I’ve been getting more and more frustrated with having just the one monitor. I was constantly losing my place because I’d have to switch windows in front of windows in front of windows… and then back again.

Yesterday I went to Best Buy to pick up a monitor. And darn it if they didn’t have a single non-widescreen monitor. They had a fabulous 23″ widescreen but such a thing wouldn’t fit on my desk. Huh, it used to be that CRTs wouldn’t fit on your desk depth-wise, now it’s a sheer matter of vertical square footage.

So I took the Best Buy salesman’s advice and looked on Craigslist. I found a guy selling a 19″ monitor for $30! An HPvs19e. I installed the thing today and ahhhhhhh! It’s like I can see again!

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