Adobo Throwdown!

My neighbor Cindy is a big part of this event. It’s gonna be amazing! Go and get adobosized!


It’s an epic battle to make the best adobo. Ever.

Traditional? Nouveau? Doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a much-loved, time-tested family recipe or a modern version transformed by a secret twist or two, the final test is in the taste.

Bragging rights and two sets of prizes (wooden spoon-and-fork sets for proud display on the winners’ kitchen walls) will be decided both by our panel of expert judges and by popular vote.

All attendees will have a chance to taste and vote on each version!

Only 4 more days to buy tickets to this epic battle!

Read more about the competitors below, including the name of their dishes and their inspiration in the kitchen.

Sign up! And there are a whole lot more Filipino Food events going on this weekend. Check them all out. But go to the Throwdown!;

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