Discount Tickets to Maker Faire Deadline is Tonight May 12th

If you are planning on going to Maker Faire (you ARE going to Maker Faire, aren’t you?) you should get the discounted tickets they are offering. It’s $35 for both admission to Maker Faire and a subscription to Make Magazine. That’s like a crazy discount for the two since admission at the door will be $35. Make is the prettiest, most fun and helpful magazine I’ve seen for making things, really!

The discount ticket thing expires tonight, May 12th

Maker Faire is Saturday May 22 10a-8p and Sunday May 23 10a-6p in San Mateo. I highly recommend going early on Saturday when all the Makers will be fresh. Many people start packing up by 5p on Sunday.

Check out the magazine.

No, I don’t work for Make, I’m just a huge fan.

PS, if you’d like to volunteer to help setup Maker Faire on Friday May 21st (and would like a free pass for the weekend!) email me back and I’ll hook you up with Binka at Make.

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