How I’m Voting in the June 8th Primary Election

Proposition 13 “Don’t reassess my property when doing and earthquake retrofit” Yes.

Proposition 14 “Only the top 2 candidates make it to the general election.” Hell no! It moves the most important parts of the election to the primary instead of the general election, reinforces the “2 party system” (it’s not, is a MULTI-party system) and kicks smaller parties to the curb.

Proposition 15 “Candidates for the Secretary of State can get free money for the election” No. Umm, why is this only for the Secretary of State position?

Proposition 16 “It takes a 2/3 majority to change to a municipal electric company”. No way. This is obviously PG&E’s secret bid to eliminate their municipal competition. Guys, cut it out ok?

Proposition 17 “Car insurance companies can offer continuous coverage discounts even if people change insurance companies.”  Yes. I like the part about discounts and there’s nothing forcing companies to charge surcharges for lapses in coverage. Free market = good.

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