Cool Art from Exploratorium After Dark

Last week at The Exploratorium After Dark (which was loads of fun), I saw “Animanemone”. Fittingly, it looks quite a bit like an anemone in motion. Alan, one of the creators gave me the whole skinny, starting with “Well, my friend bought 2,000 stepper motors for like $0.23 apiece on eBay. So we needed to find something cool to do with them…”
Ah, here’s more about Animanemone from the artists!

animanemone anemoneIt’s a really nice piece! I’m pretty psyched to say that I took the photo to the right with my iPhone. It came out awesome. Use the power of the Google on “Animanemone” and watch it! They’re from Minnesota.

It’s great to mull on…. it’s like watching grass in the wind. Totally fun to put your hand on it and feel the buzzing of the motors. And it’s just so many fun tiny pieces. It’s zen and not zen. :-)


And Ken Murphy’s awesome “History of the Sky” was there as promised. I zoned on that for a while. Tototolly groovy!


I only got to look at Cubatron from afar :-( … not enough time in a night :-(

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