Looking for a Real Estate Insurance Lawyer in NYC

My friend Laura owns an apartment in New York City at about 185th st. It was severely damaged by bad plumbing work from an upstairs neighbor to the tune of $90,000+. The insurance companies are bickering and not fixing her home. She needs her place repaired and doesn’t have $90k to fix it now and sort it out later.

Can you help Laura find a real estate insurance lawyer near 185th st in New York City?

If so, please comment or email me and I’ll hook you all up.

Here is an excerpt of her plea

As you may have heard, much of my home, which we call Hanna Manor because there have been so many house guests over the last eight years, has been destroyed by water damage caused by my upstairs neighbor doing illegal plumbing Oct 24th. I’ve attached a few pictures so you get that is truly is destroyed, not just a couple of wet spots. The electric system also blew out so there is no power in most rooms.

Her insurance company, State Farm, for the last month has told me that they would cover it all, and house me until it is rebuilt. This afternoon, as a Thanksgiving surprise, they’ve informed me they won’t, as they believe it should all be taken care of under my homeowners’ co-op policy. Of course, the co-op does not agree. So I’m still in a hotel, which they will only cover through December, and everyone is saying it’s not their responsibility. I need help. I need a good attorney who will fight for me to save my home. Please, spare a few moments when you are at some Thanksgiving gathering this weekend, and ask who knows someone who might know someone, who might know someone.


  1. Darren Green says:

    I have a great Real Estate lawyer. He’s based in Hoboken. His name is Dan Serata. 201-864-1333. Good luck. Sue them all!

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