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Horrible Costume

schuyler: leather gloves make typing haRD. I CAN SEE WHY DR. HORRIBle goes fr the video blog. sorry caps. this is hard
Lee Sonko: hahah!
Lee Sonko: I need photos!

Installed NoSpamNX Plugin

I just installed the NoSpamNX comment spam plugin. Hopefully it will reduce the daily drudgery of me deleting all the inane comment spam I get. Each week I have to remove 5-20 spams that make it through Akismet. And I have 1,500 comment spams that Akismet caught from the last 15 days sitting in my spam box.  Hopefully that number will decrease.

Good without God? 40 Million Americans are

From the Boston Globe, a new ad campaign on the T from the Boston Area Coalition of Reason, which links to the United Coalition of Reason.

good without god

We Are All Connected

Via Maura… from Symphony of Science

local version:

Installed Tomato Firmware, Loving it

I installed the Tomato firmware on my WRT54GL about 15 minutes ago. I was clenching my teeth, preparing for a long slog through the trenches of firmwaredom but I got a very pleasant  surprise!

Installation was:

  1. download
  2. install firmware
  3. set the SSID and password

I was up in 5 minutes! W00t!

Now I’m wandering through the configuration and it all “just works”. I am very happy. I think I might have to make a donation to the project.

The main reason I needed to upgrade was that the Linksys firmware has this asinine problem: you can open specific ports in the firewall for services like FTP and VNC but you can’t set static DHCP IP addresses with the server, you’ve got to muck with the client computer’s settings. That is dumb. All the open source firmware does it, DD-WRT, Open-WRT etc… but Tomato promised to do it EASILY. And it succeeded.

5 stars for Tomato!

Horrible Buying Habits

Who buys lab coats? Open up and search for “lab coat”. Pick the first one.

Let’s take a look see… (right-click and open the image in a new window to view full screen)  White Lab Coat welding goggles

What is that down at the bottom? Down where it says “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought”… Are those lab goggles? No. Are they pipettes? No! They are welding goggles. Welding goggles? Who could possibly need welding  goggles with their lab coat??? I’ll tell you who!

dr horrible

Doctor Horrible!

Thanks to Schuyler for pointing this out to me!