One thing today that made you smile

I was asked today by a friend to write down “one thing you saw today that made you smile”. Here is what I wrote:

I walked to the new Whole Foods supermarket in Noe Valley. I walked around quite a bit and found myself in the back at the meat and fish department. I smiled at the whole scene. There was a young mother with 2 kids draped on her shopping cart waiting in line. She, along with others in the line stood and waited; she looked uncomfortable at being in line and uncomfortable, somehow in her life situation. She didn’t know if she was doing things the “right” way, going to Whole Foods, spending the money on organic food instead of conventional, having kids, waiting in line. The scene looked familiar, it looked like a scene I was in when I was a child. There wasn’t a right answer then, or now. I smiled because, in knowing that there is no answer, I know the answer to her worries.

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