Accordian Rave

Saturday night I went to an accordian rave. Nuff said.

But to say more, it was at the The Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop  store in Bayview at 2626 Jennings St. Denise had invited me. I met up with Prados and Erik. Happily, while we were there we had the idea to call SFSlim who was at the pub in Gerlach. He put Jesse on the phone and we were all able to confirm that the playa had not in fact killed him. I told Jesse “We love you very much and if you ever do that again, you’re grounded for life”.

More about the music: There’d be like 5 performers, unamplified, with about 150 attendees jumping, moshing and carousing. It was raucous!

Here’s an audio snippet of the event with terrible sound quality in .aiff format.

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