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Burning Man 2009 Honorarium Art

This list taken from the Burning Man “Jack Rabbit Speaks” mailing list, V13:#18:04.29.09




Every year Burning Man allocates a percentage of its revenue from ticket sales to funding select art projects that are collaborative, community-oriented and interactive. We do this in order to support the Burning Man art community, and to facilitate the creation of outstanding art for Black Rock City. The vast majority of art installations on the playa, however, are not funded. In 2009, a percentage of your hard-earned ticket money helped to fund the following art installations, for all Burning Man participants to enjoy.

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The Ferocious Few

On my home from work on April 1 I came across the Ferocious Few rocking hard in front of the Montgomery Street BART station. They really rock.

How to Disable Windows Search When Searching Windows Explorer

You’ve installed the fancy new Windows Desktop Search. You can find things fast and easy on your computer. You’ve got that nice little “Search Desktop” thingie next to your system tray. All is well. But there are some things Desktop Search doesn’t index. There are some things you don’t want Desktop Search to index.

The trouble is, every time you open Windows Explorer and type “ctrl-f”, Windows Search begs to search for you. Every time you have to scroll down to where it says “This folder is not indexed. To search this directory please use Search Companion or add this directory to your index via Options.” You click on “Search Companion” and all is well again.

Here is how to disable Windows Search. I found this from from John’s Adventures.

Open RegEdit (hit Start > Run then type ‘regedit’). Go to the following node:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Desktop Search\DS

Then double-click on ‘ShowStartSearchBand’ and set the value to ‘0’. Close that and you’re done, the next time you click ‘Search’ in explorer, the old, reliable search companion will appear. This applies to operating systems before Windows Vista

If you are a masochist, you can re-enable it by changing ‘ShowStartSearchBand’ back to ‘1’.

Carpet Cleaner Telemarketers Visit My House, Get Violent

Click here to read my blog entry and watch a video were the telemarketing carpet cleaners from 888-587-5482 threaten me.

Their invoice reads “Carpet Steamers | 888-587-5482”

Zero Graffiti SF

I’m at the Zero Graffiti SF “Huddle” right now, typing on my iphone. The first hour was 60 minutes of aggrandizement. The second hour is starting with a 10 minute speech by Fred Lacosse, SF news anchor. Unfortunately it’s 15 minutes of him “newsifying” the literature we already have. He’s a good speaker but it only took me 3 minutes to read the original document. Feh.

I went outside to take a call and saw them setting up a free food bar. I’ll stay for that.

God, he’s still talking… I think my brain is going numb.

To be more specific about that first hour… Each of maybe 6 presenters had a 5 minute speech that pretty much added up to “I’m mad as hell and I hate graffiti!”

I don’t know… What should I have expected? It’s a tough problem with no single solution.


Update: Do none of these presenters know that the are preaching to the choir? We came to a “zero graffiti” meeting, we don’t needsdxddxszxdchdhdtzgzzgzgzg. Erk. My braen I’d goone.

Wait! “introduce a new program… The ‘street smarts program’…’ the SF arts coalition… Clarion alley…”
I’m saved!

Man, blogging WHILE the event is happening is weird. At least it saved me from total boredom. It would have been rude to play video games on my phone. Blogging seems much more innocuous, yes?

Caminantes de la Tierra: More Wonderful

This is a followup to my first post about this event.

The second amazing thing I experienced at Caminantes de la Tierra was Israel Haros. He read a poem to the audience near the beginning of the show and followed that up with this very intense performance that I’m just going to have to experience again to fully get the gist of.

Very cool.


Much of Lulacruza’s music is available online on their website.