Current WordPress Plugins 4-20-09

I’m addicted. I know. Here are the plugins currently in use on my site, running WordPress 2.7.1:

  1. Akismet (v. 2.2.3) by Matt Mullenweg.
  2. Brian’s Latest Comments (v. 1.5.10) by Brian Meidell.
  3. Brians Latest Comments widget (v. 1.0) by Carsten Albrecht.
  4. DB Cache (v. 0.6) by Dmitry Svarytsevych.
  5. DoFollow (v. 4.0) by Kimmo Suominen.
  6. Exec-PHP (v. 4.9) by Sören Weber.
  7. FLV Embed (v. 1.2.1) by Yaosan Yeo.
  8. Google XML Sitemaps (v. 3.1.2) by Arne Brachhold.
  9. Hyper Cache (v. 2.2.3) by Satollo.
  10. No Adverts for Friends (v. 0.1a) by Donncha O Caoimh.
  11. Plugins list (v. 1.0) by Davide Benini.
  12. Recent Posts (v. 1.1.3) by Nick Momrik.
  13. Related Posts (v. 2.02) by Alexander Malov & Mike Lu.
  14. Search Everything (v. 5) by Dan Cameron.
  15. Search Excerpt (v. 1.2 $Rev$) by Scott Yang.
  16. Site Statistics (v. 1.7) by Fauzi Mohd Darus.
  17. Smart Archives (v. 2.0) by Justin Blanton.
  18. Subscribe To Comments (v. 2.1.2) by Mark Jaquith.
  19. Twitter Tools (v. 1.6) by Alex King.
  20. Wordbook (v. 0.14.5) by Robert Tsai.
  21. Stats (v. 1.3.7) by Andy Skelton.
  22. WP-PageNavi (v. 2.40) by Lester ‘GaMerZ’ Chan.
  23. WP FancyZoom (v. 1.1) by Stephen Granade.

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