Zero Graffiti SF

I’m at the Zero Graffiti SF “Huddle” right now, typing on my iphone.  The first hour was 60 minutes of  aggrandizement. The second hour is starting with a 10 minute speech by Fred Lacosse, SF news anchor. Unfortunately it’s 15 minutes of him “newsifying” the literature we already have. He’s a good speaker but it only took me 3 minutes to read the original document. Feh.

I went outside to take a call and saw them setting up a free food bar. I’ll stay for that.

God, he’s still talking… I think my brain is going numb.

To be more specific about that first hour… Each of maybe 6 presenters had a 5 minute speech that pretty much added up to “I’m mad as hell and I hate graffiti!”

I don’t know… What should I have expected? It’s a tough problem with no single solution.


Update: Do none of these presenters know that the are preaching to the choir? We came to a “zero graffiti” meeting, we don’t needsdxddxszxdchdhdtzgzzgzgzg. Erk. My braen I’d goone.

Wait! “introduce a new program… The ‘street smarts program’…’ the SF arts coalition… Clarion alley…”
I’m saved!

Man, blogging WHILE the event is happening is weird. At least it saved me from total boredom. It would have been rude to play video games on my phone. Blogging seems much more innocuous, yes?


  1. Rick! says:

    while riding the train the other day, I noticed something that stops graffiti dead in its tracks, and is visually appealing besides:

    Grow vines.

  2. lee says:

    AFTER the meeting and while eating the city’s free food, I got some encouragement.
    * SFSafe is (apparently) where one should go to help organize anti-graffiti groups in your neighborhood
    * I heard 2 guys from a fraternity talking about their monthly anti-graffiti painting walks. That made me feel good.

  3. Oliver says:

    Rick, that’s a good solution, but slightly damaging to the wall itself over time. Wooden fences just die if you don’t cut the growth back constantly. Should be mandatory for massive concrete advertising poles though.

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