While the Cat is Away

On Thursday the mouse….

  • worked on electronics all day, filling the kitchen–>dining room table with electronics. And I didn’t clean it up!
  • Made scalloped Russett potatoes in porcini and (macaroni and cheese) cheese sauce. And I (dare I say) boiled them! And they were fantastic
  • Cleaned up the kitchen and it stayed clean. I used 1 fork, 1 spoon, 1 plate, 1 bowl like a true bachelor. And they got cleaned when I finished.
  • I ate 1/2 of lunch and 1/2 of dinner standing up in the kitchen :-)
  • Went to bed after 3, when I was too tired to keep my eyes open. Got up at 9:30 the next day
  • Scheduled to go out to dinner on Friday and to a rockin NIMBY party on Saturday
  • Played the music I wanted as long as I wanted all night
  • Put together a RBBB Arduino and Serial Display LCD board
  • Went to the Box Shop to pick up some things
  • Had lunch with Kurt to tell him about SWARM’s experience at Coachella (Papalote on him!)
  • Went back to the Box Shop to pick up some things (oops!)
  • Finally installed electric outlet in garage so I can charge my car battery. I hadn’t run the car in a week and I couldn’t start it because the battery was low. :-((. So, after considering it for more than a year, I installed an electric outlet so I could use this fancy desulphating battery charger (BatteryMINDer BM12248)  that SWARM owns.
  • Bed time: 5:30am :-)

  • Went to NIMBY 5 Year Anniversary Party (note in the photo the metal tracked robot trouncing over the heap of wooden pallets, with large multi-colored flames dripping a flammable liquid onto the fire-ball and onto the pile of tinder. SQEEEEEE!) See the Life Size Mousetrap drop a safe on a cake (3mb AVI file)
  • Tried to make a case for the T. Pen with plastic. Failed (so far)
  • Bed time: 5:30am :-)


And then Charlotte came back.

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