Movies and Plays!

When Charlotte’s family was here, we all went to see  Wicked  at the Orpheum Theater. It was really quite a show!


The 5,000 Fingers of Dr T on 3-1-09. Pretty fun. Pretty trippy.

Muppets from Space on 3-1-09. Nope, it didn’t have the spark that Jim Henson brought to the Muppets. Pandering to children doesn’t make for good programming for children or adults.

Howls Moving Castle on 3-8-09. Good anime. Weird plot as is usual of Japanese.

Star Trek: Nemesis on 3-something-09. Kinda weak. At least it had lasers and the Enterprise smashing into stuff. “Hey, we found all these parts of a robot that look just like Data, let’s put him together and see what happens! Hey, we’ve got a robot that looks like Data only dumber, let’s download the full and complete memories of a Starfleet officer into him and see what happens! “Hi, I’m Data and I’m gonna die but that’s ok because there’s BACKUP DATA!” Oof.

Oh and remember how the Enterprise smashed into that other ship? Wouldn’t like 1/4 of the crew of the ship have been killed? I mean, 1/4 of the saucer was completely smashed. In mourning for Data, did Picard forgot to mourn the 200 or so people he killed. Or maybe the ship has airbags. Yeah, that’s it.

Doctor Horrible. I’ve rewatched this thing so many times. I rewatched it with friends on Saturday night. Joss Whedon is in my pantheon.

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