How great would a car-free Market Street be?

The San Francisco Bike Coalition keeps talking about how great it would be if Market Street in San Francisco were car-free. In this post on the San Francisco Streetsblog, they made their standard jab in that direction. (see image).

I wrote this comment on the post:

>How great would a car-free Market Street be?

Not so great. Go ahead and click the link above
New York City has embraced livable streets principles” and watch the video that points to New York City’s revitalization program. There is talk about  temporarily  making a car-free corridor for the but no talk at all about any permanent car-free spaces.

Maybe 1-4% of SF rides a bike on a daily basis. In the recent French bike experiments, bike ridership has roughly doubled. So that’s 2-8% biking in SF. What about the 92-98% that would not be helped by making a car-free Market Street?

The best way to kill the vitality of a street is to remove the traffic.

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