Doing Right Now

Sitting in the kitchen while VNCing into the bedroom on the snazzy-fast new UltraVNC 1.5.3. The smell of very successful home-made bread (NOT bread machine, the real deal) wafting over my shoulder… and [nom nom nom] the taste proves it :-)  Listening to SomaFM “Space Station Soma” station on my (very pretty!) new iPhone (thanks Mom & Dad!). Finally finding a good display to use for my T. Pen invention. Tapping away on my super-great-deal laptop.  

This afternoon Charlotte and I celebrated Christmas… I found the perfect tree last night on my way home from the FLG “What Are We Gonna Propose to Burning Man?” meeting. We decorated it with candy canes, little disco balls my family got me for xmas, and “ordaments” my niece made for me. We had wrapped and put presents under it yesterday. Today we exchanged gifts to both our delight.

Things feel pretty good at this moment.

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  1. Bathes in milk says:

    That was a really nice tree you found! Also, it burned quickly brightly — I highly recommend burning your tree in a small bonfire.

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