Medical Tourism For Densitry: What Do You Think?

A close friend found out that they need a dental implant, some crowns replaced, deep cleaning and some fillings repaired. The total bill will be in the $10,000 range. Money is pretty tight. Should they get this work done via medical tourism?

The whole thing (airfare and a week of luxury accomodations included) might cost $4,000 overseas.

Of course, there are issues like that right now it’s difficult to get to Bumrungrad hospital in Thailand because of political unrest…. hmmm. :-(


  1. Free says:

    Your friend might consider checking out the nearest dental school. In DC, Howard University has a dental clinic open to the public that provides for treatment by dental students under faculty supervision. The work may take longer than with a regular dentist, but the cost is much less. I’ve had very good experience with them.

  2. Bathes in milk says:

    India was actually on my list of places to go…I need a couple of crowns and perhaps a root canal, and one implant…so says my dentist.

  3. Bathes in Milk says:

    Wohin bist Du in Indien gegangen, Tobias? Meine ich genua zu welchem Zaharzt? Danke im Voraus!

  4. lee says:

    A commenter who wished to remain nameless writes this:

    white smyle is a good place for dental treatments. but india in generel is not the best place i would say due to language problems and “cheating mentality” of indian people.

    do you plan to get some things done? I heared thailand is more convinient in terms of customer care. where are you from?

  5. Kitty says:

    No problem to worry about political unrest. There’s not such serious problem about that in Thailand now.

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