Free the Airwaves

What should be done with the soon to be empty radio spectrum, freed from analog television transmissions?

Dearest members of the FCC,

I strongly encourage you to allot a large portion of the soon to be freed up analog television white space to unlicensed data services.

You may have noticed how incredibly beneficial and popular the unlicensed 2.4 gigahertz spectrum has been for our society. Please let that kind of progress continue. There are many more radio services, some of which haven’t even been conceived of yet, just waiting to become feasible.

I am sure that you have received many more letters telling you about the myriad possible uses for this spectrum. Please read them.

I am sure that several companies are whispering in your collective ear, giving you all manner of reasons why the spectrum shouldn’t be unlicensed. Planting fear, uncertainty and doubt, “FUD” is a time honored tactic to subvert the will of public policy makers. Please do not fall prey to this tactic.

Do what is best for the American people.

Thank you,
Lee Sonko talks more about this issue.


  1. Good post. I completely agree with you. Do you recommend actually writing a letter like this to the FCC… I mean, did you really do it or just post a letter that you would like to send?

  2. Lee says:

    A good discussion of radio white space is happening on TJIC’s blog… see the link above.

    Oh and Converter Boxes, yes, I sent that letter to the FCC via the Free the Airwaves webpage. I’m also warming up to writing them directly (gotta find the address…)

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