Handgun Guide for Men and Women

A while back I was considering getting a handgun. I wanted it to be easy to handle for both myself and my girlfriend. I decided on the Beretta 92FS. Actually, the box tells me that it’s a Beretta M9, the same thing with different markings.

I was a little disappointed because although the Springfield XD9 is very sexy, the grip is too large for my dainty woman’s hands. No matter, the Beretta is a fine handgun.

For your pleasure, here’s some links and research I did in buying the gun…

*   Charlotte talked with a very nice female cop, she recommended Glock47, Glock 27, Glock 26. And to check the website for Kahr arms …..LC action drop down menus on weapons….. Weapons for women…..

* Beretta 92FS. $575 The official handgun of the US Armed Forces

* Beretta 92FS Vertec site reads “good for small handed shooters”(?)

* Springfield XD9 4″ $500 grip safety but no thumb safety. Inexpensive, comes with case, 2 magazines. Green bi-tone is pretty.

* Springfield 1911-A1 9 MM. Model PI9134L   Thumb safety, grip safety, more expensive, single stack

* Smith & Wesson 3913 recommended by http://www.womenandguns.com/wfn/somany.html

* Browning HiPower recommended by http://www.womenandguns.com/wfn/somany.html

Other info

At Jackson Arms, Monday night is Ladies Night (1/2 price for Ladies). They have Berretta 92 and Springfield XD9 but they’re both broken :-(. Call back in a few weeks.

Use http://gunbroker.com to figure street price

Maybe buy a gun from On Target Guns & Accessories in Ukiah CA 707-462-8513

Maybe buy a gun bag from http://Tommysgunpack.com. They are often at local gun shows

Maybe call these ranges looking to rent handguns or to shoot at

http://www.corneredcat.com – A great site with info like how to rack a pistol if you aren’t strong and how to dry fire and such. And it’s pink!

http://www.pistolprowess.com/Choosing_a_Pistol.htm Double-action / Single-Action (like on the Beretta 92FS) is bad: “With a DA/SA gun not one but two different trigger pulls must be learned. Novice shooters often pull their first shot low as a result of the heavy DA trigger”

“Typically “single stack”, designs such as the 1911 models work well for shooters with small hands”

http://www.womenandguns.com A good site, check out the forums too.

http://www.sightm1911.com The M9, Beretta 92 F, has the smoothest slide and the lightest recoil spring of any major caliber pistol I know

Good for small hands ParaOrdnance 18-9 (according to: http://womenandguns.servertalk.in/womenandguns-ftopic850-0-asc-15.html)


To reduce recoil, don’t get porting; it’s louder and has more flash, which could temporarily blind you consider getting Shok-Buff (http://www.wilsoncombat.com/a_shokbuff.asp) instead


  1. You have no idea how alien it is to an Englishman to read a post like this. Referring to a gun as “very sexy” just seems to be indicative of all that’s worrying about the gun trade.

    There’s a perennial debate in England at the moment about whether British Police should be routinely armed. The fear is that if they are, the crooks will decide that it will be mandatory for them to arm too and things will simply get escalate. I’m afraid I see nothing sexy about guns.

    To be honest I understand that it’s embedded in your culture, but it amazes me, given the litigious nature of the States, that there aren’t more safety features on guns.

  2. Lee says:

    >all that’s worrying about the gun trade.
    Guns = power = sexy. Sorry, I didn’t make this one up, it’s in every human.

    >Safety Features
    To fire my gun, I have to pick it up, insert a magazine, flip a switch and pull a trigger that has a cover over it with a bit of force.
    To take a photo with my camera, all I have to do is pick it up, push a button and then push a button next to it. I have never in my life accidentally taken a photo.

    >British Police should be routinely armed
    Aren’t handguns mostly illegal in Britain? The arms race won’t go very far. Cop with handgun vs criminal with handGOTOJAIL.

  3. Bob Mitchell says:

    I accidentally took a bunch of pictures with my phone. It just kept taking them – kinda odd while on a busy train and the phone making that dumb synthetic shutter-click noise.

    Um…. I’m sure that means something in the context of accidentally shooting people. Or something.

  4. Spexappeal says:

    I have accidentally taken pictures. I have not accidentally fired my boyfriend’s gun. It is a nice gun. I got out of the army so that I wouldn’t ever have to fire a handgun at a person (people’s philosophies change over time!: )) I’d like to actually learn to hunt initially with a gun, later with a bow and arrow like my brother-in- law hunts.

  5. JT says:

    I think ‘sexy’ was taken way out of context, no? Just as easily as you took her terminology in the direction of it being a problem of sorts, why not have gone the other way and wave it off as her simply referring to its utter appearance? Don’t let the dungeon of boredom close in on you.

    Disarm your police and you set them up for certain failure; for they will fall short of protecting themselves and the public from anyone armed more heavily than they at any given moment amongst the plethora of abundant crimes available to commit against life and property. Anything is better than nothing, given the fact that crooks are free to obtain weapons of choice and LE departments are normally locked into their own specific set of arsenal.

  6. Ian says:

    In England the police have been armed for years, they are much more discreet about it than the US cops, the ordinary patrol cop doesnt walk around with a gun in a hip holster like they do in the US but they have armed response units on the road at all times who can be at a crime scene within minutes when neccessary. I have lived in both the US and in England I have to say the British cops are more proffesional about the use of force than US cops. US cops use handcuffs on everyone they arrest, whether or not they are aggressive, where as British cops only use them if it is neccessary to restrain someone who is agressive. The US cops use tazers and pepper spray at the drop of a hat and pull their gun at every oppertunity. British cops use their physical abilities and training to restrain most people without the use of a weapon.

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