The Libertarian in The Mission

450: Number of people that voted at the 25th and Valencia polling place for the June 3rd election
1: Of those, how many that were registered Libertarians

Last night at about 7:45pm Charlotte and I walked in to the voting place at the Synergy School on Valencia. When I was signing in, I stated my political party confidently, “I’m the Libertarian”. The lady giving out paper ballots responded with surprise, “You’re the first one today!”


We ended up staying until the polls closed. I watched and was the last Libertarian as well.

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  1. treewrestler says:

    It really dosent suprise me. The sad fact is that most of America dosent even understand what real change is, they only understand our present system (be it Republican or Democrat) its still the same old system, they just spend our money on different special interest prodjects. Real change scares people, so untill it bites them on the butt, with personal loss of job, falling economy, over taxation, etc. They will just keep voting back and forth Republican and Democrat, and watching cartoons on saturday morning.

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