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Same Sex Marriage But No Same Sex Divorce

My friend Free points out:

…Unlike Massachusetts, California does not have a law prohibiting marriage in the state if your home state would not recognize the marriage. Thus, allowing same-sex marriage in California will open same-sex marriage up to a lot more people than the Massachusetts change did.

…In addition, any same-sex couple from outside of California that gets married in California may find themselves unable to get a divorce. The reason is that divorces are generally governed by the law of your state of domicile. Thus, even if a Maryland couple gets married in California, they could get a divorce only in Maryland. Since Maryland would not recognize the marriage, it would not issue a divorce. Thus, the couple would truly be married for life, unless one or the other of them moved to Massachusetts, California, or another state or foreign jurisdiction that recognizes same-sex marriages.

One comment on her blog mentions

… Strange that in legalizing same-sex marriage, they’re indirectly promoting the sanctity of marriage (married por vida). Wonder what that will do to the arguments that same-sex marriage diminishes the sanctity of marriage. :)


Search and Replace WordPress Plugin

When I switched my permalinks from… to… I had several links in my blog with the old “archives” links. Thankfully, the Permalink Redirect plugin redirects hits to those pages with “303” errors. But I still needed to change the 30 or so posts with those old links. Search and Replace WordPress Plugin to the rescue. Of course I backed up my database first but it worked peachy keen, changing links en-mass. Here’s the search-replace strings I used. Doing it this way kept some direct links I had to the “archives” folder intact.

href=" --> href="
href=" --> href="
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Night Light at the Climate Theater


This show was quite a lot of fun. The piece I found most fun was a piece involving real dancers. A dancer was moving around, dancing this repeating pattern and I saw a placard around her neck that read something like “1, 1 2, 1 2 3”. On the wall there was a sign that read “Put signs on the dancers if you can” There were signs like “Take a break”, “Double time”, “Slow Motion”. I had trouble getting the sign on the moving dancer until Charlotte noticed the pattern. She pointed out when the piece was going to end and I got to put my sign around the dancer’s neck. Groovy.

It was at the Climate Theater.

Public-Private Art. Nice! Taylor Square

Nice. (via)


Taylor Square is a new public artwork created by Paul Ramirez Jonas and installed in front of the renovated Engine 8, Ladder 4 fire station in northwest Cambridge, at the intersection of Huron Avenue, Sherman Street, and Garden Street. Taylor Square is the smallest public park in Cambridge, measuring only 57 square feet, and has locked gates. It is a communal space through the distribution of 5,000 artist-designed keys and the invitation to the public to duplicate them endlessly.

Each key, embossed with the phrases “Taylor Square” and “Copy Me”, were mailed to Cambridge households along with the artist’s words, “Here is your key. It is one of 5,000 keys that opens Taylor Square, Cambridge’s newest park. The park and the keys are a work of public art that I made for you. The park has barely enough room for a bench and a flagpole; please accept this key as its monument. Add it to your key chain along with the keys that open your home, vehicle or workplace. You now have a key to a space that has always been yours. Copy it and give it away to neighbors, friends and visitors. Your sharing will keep the park truly open.”

Further distribution of the keys and, thus, the sustained life of the park is the task of the public. In the artist’s words, “Taylor Square belongs to the public. It is closed, yet simultaneously open, re-emphasizing that the ownership of public space resides in the public itself.” The keys for Open are a tangible symbol of this relationship between public space and the public.

Paul Ramirez Jonas’s work has included museum and gallery exhibitions and public art projects throughout the United States, Europe, South America, and Asia. He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brown University. He has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, the International Studio Program in Sweden, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the International Studio Program in Sweden, and the Atlantic Center for the Arts, among others. Ramirez Jonas lives and works in New York. For more information, visit:

The Space Shuttle Makes Me Sick

I was wondering today, “What exactly is the purpose of the International Space Station and all those Space Shuttle trips for upkeep? Aren’t those flights really really really expensive?”

A pretty convincing answer comes from Maciej Ceg?owski. In short: government space-cheese. They could be doing potentially useful things, but instead “…the skeleton crew on the ISS has been fixing toilets, debugging laptops, changing batteries, and speaking to the occasional elementary school over ham radio.” I want my ten billion dollars back.

This is a really good article. Read A Rocket to Nowhere.

The Telectroscope!

A Victorian trans-Atlantic viewing tunnel revitalized for the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge.



The ends of the telectroscope had been sealed off for more than a century, forgotten… almost.

Find out more about the Telectroscope here and here. I found out about the Telectroscope when looking over my blog logs. A Metafilter article talked about both it and my Alameda-Weehawken article.