I clicked on a Google Ad for The ad and the site was very adamant about how terrific their service was. I googled around and found several sites with people that didn’t have good things to say about it. And then here was the clincher:

This page had lots of info about the company that showed them as being sketchy (like that their published phone number didn’t work and their published address isn’t a real building) and pointed me to this page about the company’s previous endeavor,

A pretty compelling tidbit is that these grifters reused images from their previous job. Note the two pages below. :-(




  1. Tim says:

    Hi – Like Lee, I was taken in by these guys. Note that the building in the picture on their website is quite obviously not the building at the address given (use google webmaps). The phone number calls an answering service (which clearly “could be that they didn’t set it up yet” – yeah right)! I bought the software which is rubbish, and the stockpick subscription – which never comes. My emails get answered by autoresponders …..

  2. john says:


  3. RecordOnlineGuide says:

    find out here …. http://kickkapoo.affstNOSPAM

  4. lee says:

    Ha. Cute. RecordOnlineGuide is a spam promoting the scam.

  5. Lisa says:

    Thanks guys !!!!

  6. Eli says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  7. Cesar says:

    I wonder how many poor people get taken that never do a quick search to check others’ opinions and experiences. Thanks.

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