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Update 4-6-10: There’s going to be a Neumann Prep Reunion June 26th 2010. Look here for more info.

Update 9-23-09: If you’re looking to be reunited with fellow Neumannites, I recommend Facebook. Right now there’s 271 people in the Neumann Prep group :-). Also check the Neumann Prep group.

Neumann Prep Class reunion June 26, 2010!

Romi, Cheryll and Michelle from the class of 1990 are organizing a reunion for all classes. You should go! Join the Neumann Prep Reunion group on  Facebook!

I graduated Neumann Prep, Wayne NJ in 1987. The school closed down in 1990 or so. My classmate George had a terrible time getting a transcript from the diocese after the closure!

I went back to the school in May 2005. Here’s some photos of the place


The farm across the street from the school is apparently for sale. I’m sure the condos will be nice.


From this intersection, turn left and then the school is on your right. In front of you is a W.R. Grace Superfund site (local copy) that held radioactive thorium and uranium infused sand from mining. Directly to the left and behind is the farm. Behind and to the right is some ancient chemical dump (nobody knew much about it. It was said to be a Superfund site but I can’t find reference of it). Trav and I wrote an investigative article in the Wildcat’s Roar. Yup, high school, farm, nuclear waste dump and chemical dump all within 500 feet of one another!


They didn’t take much effort in changing the sign. Under that placard it still says “Neumann Prep”.

IMG_2002 panoramajpg

A panorama of the front of Neumann Prep. You’ll do best to right-click to download and view this very large image.

IMG_2009 panorama.jpg

A panorama of the front lot.  You’ll do best to right-click to download and view this very large image.


The front yard.


Looking in through the entrance on the right, near the chapel. Though I passed by here a thousand times, the thing I think about when looking at this is that the Junior Prom took place in the gym and a table was set up at that door you can see to take tickets. … … Hey, what happened to to the trophy case near the principles office?


The entrance to the left, the “Main” entrance. When I look here, I think about a lot… the library to the left (and the day a kid was walking out while I was walking in, he said with a laugh, “Hey, the space shuttle blew up.” I walked in to see the diverging con-trails on TV), the steps (where we ran up and down one day for Ms. Rawding’s physics class to figure out how many horsepower we could generate (about 1/3)), the door almost out-of-sight to the right where Latin class was (I didn’t take it) and yearbook met (where I was told that a previous class had sneakily scribed the word “FUCK” across the book with border-markings), the lockers around the corner (where the combination to my lock each year always had at least one “38”, weird!) and Father Lombardo’s theology class in the classroom through the wall to the right, and Mr… (ugh, I don’t recall his name! He had a bushy beard) music appreciation class… and… and… and…


Just outside the cafeteria. There were a few picnic tables here. That is where the super-cool kids ate lunch. I ate out there a few times but it was usually too cold, bright or… well, too super-cool for me. I like what they’ve done with the place with the bricks, shrubs, walkway and greenhouse.


  1. Charlie says:

    Mr… (ugh, I don’t recall his name! He had a bushy beard) music appreciation class… and… and… and…

    I graduated in 1986.
    That would be Mr. Connoly(big Rush fan as I recall)

  2. Lee says:

    Mr Connoly, yes!

  3. Charlie S says:


    Nice pics brings me back. I graduated in 85 and wondered if you knew of any websites or when a reunion will be planned. I know the last one was around 7 years ago but I was in TX then and missed it.


  4. Lee says:

    Angela Pandolfo and Maria Seminario were elected our reunion-keepers for the class of 1987. I got in touch with them about 10 years ago looking for a 10 year anniversary. If I recall correctly they were living in the same house in New Jersey with one of their mothers (I could be off on that). I got to speak to the mother a couple times but neither had interest in getting a reuinion. Maybe try

  5. Ed Percarpio says:

    I graduated in 1975 and went back to teach there for a year in 1979. Thanks a lot for the pictures. Hoping Swiz, Addiss and Poncho will get in touch. Cheers,

  6. Tom White says:

    I graduated in 1974 — second to last in my class. I was stoned on pot at the time. Now I’m the Office Manager for Marijuana Anonymous, if you can believe that. I was part of the “stoner group” that sat at the “stoner table” (doesn’t every high school have one of those?); we were philosophically opposed to, but geographically adjacent to, the “jocks table”. I still wish I’d gone to a high school with girls…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Apparently the class of 1985 had a reunion a few years ago (I’m assuming our 20th-eek!) and not everyone was invited. There are a few of us who are extremely visible and easy to reach yet we weren’t invited. Ahhh high school…..

  8. JB says:

    Facebook is the best way to find people. There’s even a section for Neumann prep by year.

  9. Jen says:

    Yeah, there’s lots of people on now…

  10. Laurie Watkins says:

    Hi I graduated in 1979. I have been trying to find people from Neumann on Facebook with no luck any suggestions on how to find the link? I’ve tried and was wondering what everyonelse used to find it.

  11. matt haywood says:


    From your Facebook homepage – click on Groups (right hand of page) under Applications. Then under search Groups type in Neumann Prep

    good lUck

  12. George Kuhn says:

    Thanks for the pictures of the old alma mater and the updates. I graduated in 1969 (the dreaded “Always Senior” class…we were the first to start at Neumann in 1965 and never experienced upperclassmen.) Father Lombardo, by the way, who graduated in 1970 and taught at Neumann later on still hangs out on that diocesan property, although at the top of the hill. He’s been pastor of Our Lady of Consolation Parish for many years now.

    Several years back, Jennifer Smith organized an “All Years Reunion” at the (now closed) Wayne Manor. It was a resounding success due to her very hard work at making it happen. It was lots of fun, and everyone attempted to find as many alumni/alumnae to get the word out. This was before the era of MySpace, Classmates, Facebook, etc., so a lot of folks didn’t know about it.

    I think I was the only 1969 grad who was there, so I was the de facto head of the dinosaurs’ table!

  13. Angel Marrero says:

    I graduated from Neumann, class of ’79. I left NJ/NY in 1980 and have never been back. Good to see some recognizable pictures and names. Some good times, some bad. But all pains of growing up.

  14. ed strangeway says:

    Hey guys, Mr. Sheridan I presume ?? What’s going on Charlie ? Many of us are on facebook so if you don’t have a page, its really easy. Also, dear anonymous, I wasn’t invited to the 85 reunion either and I thought I had a few friends from school !! Nice page, thanks for the pics !!

  15. Mark R. Harris says:

    Class of 76 here! It is enjoyable to see these pictures. I haven’t been back in many years.

  16. Jen says:

    Go to facebook and do a search for Neumann Prep or try this:

  17. Robert Amato says:


    Try classmates its not as up to date as this blog though. Great job whomever took the pics. The school’s in great shape, did the Diocese do anything with it?

    On the nuke-farm – yep – it tracks with a nearby NIKE missile battalion in the 1950’s (the nuke-tipped surface-to-air missiles with a nuclear tip designed to intercept Soviet bombers attacking the East Coast). We have a similar site down here in Fairfax County easy to find since it has a historic marker and no housing developments for a few miles in any direction.
    Bob A

  18. lee says:

    Of course everyone is going to the Neumann Prep Reunion June 26th 2010, right? It’s going to be in the Neumann Prep Gym!

  19. Guillermo Morales says:

    Class of ’81….Neumann Prep transcripts are available from DePaul HS. Also, if you look at the Paterson Diocese’s website, you will find that the building is ‘For Sale’….Now if all us grads got together and bought it….hmmmm

  20. Tony Herrera says:

    Class of ’79…Somehow, YouTube videos of Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ link to Neumann Prep! Most parties from those days featured more than a little ‘Floyd’ and anything that would enhance the experience (legal or not).Count me in when a class of ’79 reunion is planned. Hoping that everyone is well, Best,Tony

  21. Joseph(Joey) F. Michalkowski says:

    Class of 1978…Graduated college (B.S. Degree in Business Administration/Marketing), moved to the Jersey Shore(Tinton Falls, NJ) in 1995, now residing in Southwest Florida(North Port, FL). Successful career in banking: Officer, AVP, and VP), Commercial Banking and Retail Banking. Would be nice to see my fellow alumni.

  22. Jill says:

    This is great – I was part of the “almost Class of 1992” – thanks for sharing!

  23. muffin says:

    Jill…who are you?
    I was in the freshman class of 1992, but never made it to sophomore year!! Not that that mattered anyway since that was their last open year

    pretty sad how folks actually had a reunion for the 85 class and didn’t invite everyone…oh wait, who am I kidding, this is high school drama and did not get left at the doors!!

    Lee, you coming home for the reunion? or at all this summer???? juju misses you! and i do a bit too

  24. Jen S. says:

    There was no freshman class of 1992…but there was an almost graduation class of 1992…

    Muffin…who are you?

  25. muffin says:

    exactly…we all know that because we were what was supposed to be class of 92, well tehnically we still were the class of 92 just at dif schools, or in my case screw HS ad wait a while then go to college!

    And yes there was a freshman class that would have graduated from neumann prep IF they managed to stay open after the sophmore year of class of 1992…I have the year book to prove it and was asked to leave my freshman year…god that place was awful…

    who was that male english teacher again?!

    melissa sonko, lee is my brother….who are you?

  26. andre szalay says:

    My son’s school is looking to relocate in the area. We have 140 kids, 3rd to 12 grades. About a 10 mile radius of mountain lakes is the preferred distance. The school focus on learning disabled children, dyslexia mostly. I heard this school closed a few years ago. What happen and really important what is the school address. I have asked the post offices in Wayne and they don’t know. The internet has limited information. Can some one just provide th street address, I would like to drive by and see who has control of the site today.

  27. lee says:

    970 Black Oak Ridge Road, Wayne NJ.
    Good luck!

  28. Jim Lynch says:

    I taught English at Neumann from 1968 70. I would be interested in hearing from any of my former students via e-mail.

  29. Jim Lynch says:

    Jim Lynch’s e-mail address is jimadalynch@ NOSPAM Would be interested in hearing via e-mail from former students. Taught at Neumann Prep (English_ from 1968-70.

  30. […] had a big Space Shuttle poster over my bed when I was a kid, I saw the Challenger disaster in high school, felt and saw motions moving away from the Shuttle. And experienced the mind boggling Hubble Deep […]

  31. Chris West says:

    Thanks for the pics guys! In these pics, Neumann still looks eerily-wonderfully the same as the day we graduated. (June 9, 1980 for us.) I look forward to the next big class re-union. Glad to share that experience with you all. ~ Chris West ’80

  32. Jim Lynch says:

    This is my correct e-mail

  33. Jim Andrews says:

    Member of the first graduating class in 1969. Remember moving into this building the day it opened on the first day of school in our sophomore year. It looks the same in these photos as it did then. Some classmates were Bobby Delaney, Nick Bozza, Al Volman, I could go on and on. It was a long time ago.

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