Considering Lightbox Upgrades

I am very fond of the WP Lightbox plugin I have on my blog. I’ve always wanted it to automatically scale images that were too large for the page. that way, I could happily upload full resolution images without worrying that my viewers would only get to see a tiny corner of the full image. I’ve found some new Lightbox-like plugins that do what I’m looking for, Shutter Reloaded and Lightbox JS. I want to like Lightbox 2.5 but it doesn’t have the auto-scaling and it takes forever (read: almost 2 seconds) for each image to finally appear on the screen given all it’s fancy window slides. :-(

What I want in a lightbox plugin:

  • Opens image box smoothly (a quick fade would be nice
  • Auto-scaling if the image is larger than the screen
  • Very light footprint on my WordPress code… IE, don’t add code to each image tag in the database. Can be uninstalled seamlessly
  • Multi-image gallery possible but not required
  • When showing gallery images, the “next” and “previous” buttons don’t move when you hit the first or last image (IE, when the icons change from “[close] [next]” to “[previous] [close] [next]”

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