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Altamont Pass

I was in Altamont Pass last week talking to a rancher about solar.

Click Here October 2003: Protect Your Computer

This was my first article for The Panther, published October 2003. It’s pretty boring stuff, but a start to my writing. This didn’t have the “Click Here” title yet.


Protect Your Computer
By Lee C. Sonko

Every few months there is another front-page news article about a computer virus that has cost untold damages to people, companies, and the machines they work on. The truth is, the internet is a dangerous place. People are always trying to break into other people’s computers. Some of these break-ins are disgruntled employees bent on sabotage, some are kids seeing how much of a ruckus they can raise, and some are modern cat burglars trying to steal people’s credit cards. In any case, everyone here in the Valley wants to distance ourselves as much as possible from these shenanigans. Continue reading ‘Click Here October 2003: Protect Your Computer’ »

New WordPress Permalink Structure. Installed Permalink Redirect plugin

Links to blog entries used to look like this:

I just changed it to the more common:

I’m using the Permalink Redirect plugin by Scott Yang so that old links still work; they do a 301 redirect to the new page. It’ll take months for the search engines to notice fully and years until I can remove the old permalink structure but I’m happy with it.

Set up a cron job to optimize databases monthly

I set this up mostly because Spam Karma leaves giant overhead in my WordPress MySQL database. But it can’t hurt running it on the rest of my databases.

My cron job, which runs at 6:05am every first of the month looks a bit like this
# Optimize all of my popular databases. This is run from a cron job monthly or so.
echo -n "Started database optimization at ";/bin/date; echo -e "\n\n";
/usr/bin/mysqlcheck -o -v -u user -ppassword -h blogdatabase;
echo -e "Finished blogdatabase\n\n";
/usr/bin/mysqlcheck -o -v -u otheruser -potherpw -h otherdatabase;
echo -e "Finished gallerydatabase\n\n";
echo -n "Finished database optimization at ";/bin/date; echo -e "\n\n";

I get a monthly email with the output that I can look over.

Installed Admin Drop Down Menu for WordPress

Admin Drop Down Menu: You know how it always takes a few seconds to click around the WordPress Admin Menu… first you click on “Write”… wait… then click on “Write Post”. This makes the Admin menu all snazzy fast. :-)

I wish I had found this plugin a long time ago.

Thanks to for pointing it out to me.

Installed FLV-Embed 1.0 for WordPress

The interface on my end for the new FLV-Embed is prettier than the older FLV-Embed. Users won’t notice a difference. Well, it uses the newer FLV Player 3.12. Is that any better? Who knows. Maybe The Shadow knows.