How to deal with graffiti “artists” (portions redacted)

I overheard this on a mailing list I belong to. Much redacted to protect the innocent, and the guilty. The topic was, “how to keep people from tagging art work”.

 Tagging will happen.

SEVERAL YEARS AGO we worked around the clock and through sand storms to finish “that stupid [redacted].”   Late one evening [person] walked up behind a very large dude tagging the freshly stained [art].   The tagger was sporting two large and long dreadlocks right out of the top of his head.   Suddenly his hair style changed to a uni-dread as [person] grabbed him by the head and threw him to the ground effectively scalping the guy.

As a warning to the rest of the taggers, [person] tied the scalped dread to his [object] and [left] it hanging there for the rest of the event.

Take what you will from this, everything has consequences.

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