Berkeley Shuts Down Amazing Art Space The Shipyard

I never even frigging made it over to The Shipyard.

Berkeley Shuts Down Amazing Art Space The Shipyard  

There was talk, just a little murmur, that the outside should be spray painted, “Berkeley Kills More Art” and that people should weld all the doors shut and sit naked in the center of the space with some heavy weaponry. This is partially in reference to how Berkeley kicked The Crucible out of town. So they moved to neighboring Oakland and have prospered, being the envy of the local industrial art scene. Berkeley wants The Crucible back but they can’t have them. And damit, in 12 months, Berkeley will want The Shipyard back but that won’t happen either.

“Man, we just want to work on our shit in piece.”


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  2. Brian says:

    sit naked in the center of the space with some heavy weaponry.

    Two words: hot brass

  3. TJIC says:

    Two words: hot brass


  4. TJIC says:

    Btw, I should add that after having gotten brass down my shirt, and stuck inside my collar, I shudder viscerally at the idea of finding some trapped between, say, my inner thigh and my under-utilized bits. YEARGHH!

  5. Lee says:

    Update: I helped move some stuff and rip out their unlicensed electrical system yesterday. It was my first… and last visit to the Shipyard.

    The list of code violations (local copy)at the Shipyard was posted on their site. It’s a really long list.

    So if that list is so long, how come people weren’t dying there every day in their unlicensed, unregulated, unpermitted wood-fired hot tub?

    I mulled about criticizing The Shipyard about the violations where they might burn down the neighborhood since that would be an infringement on the rights of others. But then it’s an industrial neighborhood with not too much to burn.

    Is secession a viable option here?

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