Artists and Inventors Invited to Exhibit at the Green Man Pavilion

Could turn out to be an interesting turn for Burning Man…

Note the deadline is soon so talk to your industry friends today. Normally, people end up having crazy stories to tell after a trade show but this… imagine sending Bob from the dog and pony show, road-warrior sales team to Burning Man..

Environmental Solutions to be On Display at Burning Man 2007 Artists and Inventors Invited to Showcase Emerging Technologies

This summer, Burning Man will hold its twenty-second annual event in the vast and remote Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Forty thousand participants from around the world, including more than 100 journalists, will attend this celebration of creativity. The year’s theme, “The Green Man”, explores the human relationship to nature, in particular our collective response to global warming, and sets the stage for an unprecedented informational exchange.

In recognition of this unique opportunity, Burning Man is inviting artists, manufacturers, developers, scientists, and inventors, to showcase their emerging environmental technologies at this year’s eight day event, Aug. 27th -Sept 3rd.

At the center of Black Rock City, home to Burning Man, will be the Green Man Pavilion, 30,000 square feet of shaded exhibition space for the display of interactive artistic, scientific and educational models, a “World’s Fair” of cutting edge technologies. Director of Burning Man, Larry Harvey said “Our goal is to create a space where breakthrough ideas and proven technologies addressing environmental issues such as energy production, solid waste management, and remediation of toxic substances, can be displayed and interacted with, against the backdrop of the world’s largest participant-created event. In fact, we believe this exposition may well be the only place in the world where such a wide range of technologies and solutions will be on display in an interactive environment.”

Burning Man has long been recognized as a nexus of ideas, information, and culture, a physical collection of human nodes for interactivity and information exchange. It is a place where artists, innovators, and the media share ideas and network like nowhere else on Earth.

In addition to directly reaching participants and through extensive media coverage, Burning Man will be opened to the world through a unique collaboration with Google, in a virtual 3D version of event called “Burning Man Earth”, which will allow a global audience to experience the Green Man Pavilion.

View full invite at:

For information on how to propose a contribution to the Green Man Pavilion, please email:

Deadline for proposals — July 1, 2007

Tomas McCabe
Burning Man – Green Man
Environmental Education Coordinator
510.290.8883 (mobile)

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