Flaming Lotus Girls Mellow Toga Party, Wed May 9th

Due to popular demand, the FLG party on Wed the 9th is opening up! Here is the new invitation. Feel free to forward this to Flaming Lotus Girls friendly venues.

The Flaming Lotus Girls are having a little toga get-together Wednesday, May 9th 7pm-midnight at the Box Shop…. and you’re invited.

Nothing special… just music, drinks, a little food…. and fire!

FLG is celebrating big art.
The Hand of God is back from a recent Australian tour. The Angel of the Apocalypse goes to the most interesting places every month! The Ocean Beach fire pits (some made by Lotus Girls) are becoming lasting public art. The Seven Sisters travel here and there. The Serpent Mother is going to the Fire Arts Festival in July and then Amsterdam in September! We’ve got a lot to celebrate!

At the event, we’re raising a little money to get our summer started.
Donations requested $0-$10

Wear your flame retardant toga. Yes, it’s really a toga party! And yes, there will really be fire. We’ll be bringing out parts of the Serpent and maybe the Angel!

BBQ, drinks, music, friends and power tools!

This is a great time to check out what FLG is all about.

Want to bring something or show off something? Contact Lee (Lee at FlamingLotus dat com)


Where we are: http://tinyurl.com/2jarn7

Directions by bus – the 19 Polk bus (Navy shipyard end dest.) goes to Innes street, where you get out and walk across the street to the shop.

Directions by car

  • From 101: take the Cesar Chavez exit off 101 and head east onto Cesar Chavez or
  • From 280: take the Cesar Chavez exit off 101 and head east onto Cesar Chavez


  1. From Cesar Chavez turn south onto Evans Ave at a traffic light. You are now 1.6 miles from the Box Shop.
  2. On Evans Ave, you’ll pass a power plant, then the road curves to the right, then you’ll pass the India Basin Shoreline Park.
  3. Immediately after India Basin Shoreline Park and before a fork in the road, turn left onto Hudson Ave, a gravel/dirt road. A hand-written sign high up on a shipping container on the corner reads “The Box Shop”. This sign can be easy to miss and it’s sometimes hidden behind trucks parked on our road.
  4. On Hudson Ave, the Box Shop is the first yard on the right.
  5. Consider diagonal parking on the gravel/dirt road or back out and park in front of the church across the street.

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