Zowie They’re Cool: List of Funded Art For Burning Man 2007

This in from BMORG. Every one of these projects is worthy of appreciation.

We’ve just completed our biggest and most challenging grant cycle yet, with 240 proposals to review, up from 170 last year – a 35% increase.
The competition was intense, and our community has generated more intriguing projects than ever before.

We’ve awarded 30 grants for playa installations. We thank everyone for your interesting ideas, your creativity and your energy – and we look forward to another year of amazing art on the playa. Grant committee members are: Larry Harvey, LadyBee, Crimson Rose, Beth “Bettie June”
Scarborough, and Mark Van Proyen.

Please note that additional grants are being given for projects in the Pavilion and the ManGrove that surrounds the Man, and those will be announced in the near future.

The funded projects are:

Acavallo: Quill Hyde of Brooklyn, NY
Note: Acavallo is a mobile venue for acoustic music and performance on the playa. If you want to perform, please contact Quill via his website.

Ant Mischief by Ben Shearn and Tim Kirwan of Colorado Springs, CO http://shearn.net/ant/ant.html

Apocalypse Stagecoach by the Ren Jinn Bao Puppet Theater of Thailand, Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan and the Bay Area http://www.apocalypsestagecoach.com/

Big Rig Jig by Mike Ross of Brooklyn, NY http://www.bigrigjig.com

Black Rock Glacier by Ehron Asher of Centennial, Colorado http://www.serendipityarts.com

Burninator X by Bill Codding of San Francisco, CA http://www.4bc.org/burninator/burninator_x.html

Celtic Forest by Laura Kimpton, Bob Hofmann and Jeff Schomberg, Bay Area http://www.celticforest.net

Cone by Hans Sachs and Manuel Kretzer of Karlsruhe,Germany http://www.burning-man.eu
Note: These German architecture students are looking for a few American crew members. Please contact them via their website.

Cornucopic Contraptions by Charlie Smith and Jaime Ladet of Atlanta, GA http://www.howhowhow.com/contraptionsburn07.html

Crude Awakening by Dan Das Mann, Karen Cusolito, Black Rock FX, Mark Perez, Pyrokinetics, Nate Smith and MonkeyBoy, Bay Area http://www.headlesspoint.com/crude_awakening/

Cubatron Cone by Mark Lottor of Menlo Park, CA http://nw.com/nw/projects/cone/

Dragon Smelter by Dan Macciarini of San Francisco, CA The Dragon will again turn aluminum cans into art:

Green Glass Man by Rodman Miller and Gina Karaba of Seattle, WA http://theamazingmillers.com/greenglassman2007.html

Green Shoes by Dadoc of Oakland, CA

Guardian of Eden by Kate Raudenbush of New York, NY http://www.kateraudenbush.com/ click on New: Guardian of Eden

Fata Morgana by Orion Fredericks of Oakland, CA http://www.orionfredericks.net/newsFataMorgana.htm

Homouroboros by Peter Hudson of San Francisco, CA http://www.hudzo.com/homouroboros
(NOTE: link is direct to a PDF download. While he did receive a grant, Peter still seeks help to complete the project – check out the PDF or contact peter isat hudzo.com)

Kinetic Steam Works by KSW of Oakland, CA http://www.kineticsteamworks.org/KSWBMGRANT07/

Koilos by Michael Christian of Berkeley, CA http://xianspace.com/bm2007/

Mechabolic: Cyborg Speculations in Machine Metabolism by Jim Mason, Chicken John, Dann Davis and Michael Christian http://www.whatiamupto.com/mechabolic/index.html

Museum de Materiel Retrouve by Trieops Treyfid of Los Angeles, CA

NeverWas Haul by Shannon O’Hare and Kathy Tucker of Orinda, CA http://www.xlounge.com/neverwas/neverwas_proposal.html

Samhein: Into Her Dreaming by Paul Bagley of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma http://web.mac.com/paulbagley/iWeb/site/Welcome.html

Steampunk TreeHouse by Sean Orlando of Oakland, CA

Swarm by Michael Prados of San Francisco, CA http://www.orbswarm.com

Tall Grass by Glenn Easley of Vashon, Washington http://tall.grass.spire.googlepages.com/

Tasseograph: The Trash TeaHouse Temple by Shrine and TukTuk of Pasadena CA and Portland, Oregon http://pdxdiversion.org/tasseograph.html

Temple of Forgiveness by David Best & Tim Dawson, Petaluma and Stinson Beach, CA http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thetemplecrew

U-ME by Rex Norman and Damian Janssen of Carson City and Sparks, Nevada http://www.MutantVehicle.com/u-me.htm

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