Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts – Yuck

Dear folks at Kelloggs,

My girlfriend and I tried your new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts today and we have to say that they didn’t taste the way we thought they should. If anything, the “cookie” tasted like a sugar cookie and not chocolate chip cookie dough. I would have expected a thicker, chewier, more varied filling instead of a smooth, consistent, and slightly slimy (after heating) filling.

We hope you use these suggestions to make the Pop Tart world a better Pop Tart world.

(and it wouldn’t hurt if you maybe sent us some coupons to replace these disappointing Pop Tarts)

Thank you very much


  1. WTL says:

    EEww. That does sound gross. It is hard to imagine Pop Tarts being disappointing – being one our our favorite camping “treats”.

  2. Lee says:

    They wrote back to me with a pretty personalized letter and gave me some coupons for other Kelloggs loot :-)

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