Installed FLV Embed Plugin

I can now inundate you with sounds and videos from my vast repertoire thanks to the FLV Embed plugin. I found that WP-FLV had trouble when you’d try to edit an existing post with an flv in it. It would lose the tag due to an incompatibility between the flv tag and the graphical input method in WordPress 2.1.

To make an entry, I just write something like this:

(open square bracket)flv: 360 270]


  1. Jay Griffin says:

    I discovered that same behavior. Once you save the post, the button disappears when in Manage mode. I used the same hard coding in the post anyway.

    I’ve had an issue with some of my family saying only one video plays but the others don’t. I don’t think connection speed is an issue. When I check the sites from my own connection, there’s no problem, but I wonder if there is some kind of Javascript or buffering issue?

  2. Lee says:

    …the Manage button…. Yup. Same issue. :-(

    Family… It might be a browser compatibility issue. ?

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