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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts – Yuck

Dear folks at Kelloggs,

My girlfriend and I tried your new Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pop Tarts today and we have to say that they didn’t taste the way we thought they should. If anything, the “cookie” tasted like a sugar cookie and not chocolate chip cookie dough. I would have expected a thicker, chewier, more varied filling instead of a smooth, consistent, and slightly slimy (after heating) filling.

We hope you use these suggestions to make the Pop Tart world a better Pop Tart world.

(and it wouldn’t hurt if you maybe sent us some coupons to replace these disappointing Pop Tarts)

Thank you very much

Drawing Rally, Diplomacy, Building Art, Sleeping

Monster Drawing RallyA couple weeks ago, Charlotte and I went to the SOEX 7th Annual Monster Drawing Rally. We got to watch a few rounds of 20 artists make something in 60 minutes. It wasn’t nearly as fun as we thought it would be though since all the art produced was very so-so. Apparently it was a great fundraiser though since the line-up to buy the pieces for $50 apiece was quite long. It had the possibility of being fun with the festive, crowded and hip atmosphere and the bar…

This past Sunday afternoon: played Diplomacy for the first time. I was surprised how much fun it was even though after 6 hours of game play it seemed the game was only a little more than 1/2 finished. Before I went, I thought, “15 minutes per move? That sounds so terribly boring.” It wasn’t. :-)

Sunday morning Charlotte and I helped Charlie with an art contract building a 14′ tall metal wire horse and gold gilded grass around it.

“What are you doing Charlotte?”

“I’m gilding grass.” :-)

This weekend, Charlotte’s friend Keith came by from Boston. Most notably, he acted as a neutral third party and confirmed what we have long thought was the truth, that our bed has evil tentacles that pull you in. He sat down on it, leaned back and asked in a startlingly sleepy voice, “What kind of bed is this?” Seconds later he was deep in a 3 minute nap.

For reference, he was fully awake before sitting down, it was noon, he wasn’t jet-lagged or worn out from the night before and was well rested.

I’m THIS Tall

I’m 0.000000000000000060 parsecs tall. How tall are you?

The Artist Presently Known as Lee

Michael Prados, Jonathan Foote and I met with LadyBee and Crimson Rose of Burning Man today. Look what we signed :-)


SWARM is a funded art project and I am named as the artist because I’m the money guy.

Political Science for Dummies

Here’s a funny for you. If you don’t like funnies, don’t click on the “More” thingie

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The Most Awaited Film of the Afternoon: Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force The Movie
Be there on April 13th… or miss it!

Darn it, $2 million will be the best hush money ever spent on a politician since… well, I don’t know since -that- hush money kept the scandal quiet.

Well, except for how the Mooninites are giving us one more push down the slope to McArthyism with this stupidity

[Boston Mayor] Curtatone proposed an ordinance that would allow for nontraditional marketing in the city, but would also regulate it. The ordinance will be considered first by the Board of Aldermen Legislative Matters committee, and then by the full board.

We’re not trying to quell free speech, we just want to make sure we monitor these actions,” Curtatone said.