Installed Snap Previews Plugin

After trying out Snap Previews on TJIC’s site for a while, I find them useful. If you disagree, tell me.

If you dislike it, it can be turned off of all the sites you visit by clicking on “options” when a Snap-thingie pops up. I’m still wondering whether letting Snap look over my users’ shoulders is the right thing to do… hmmm.

I had a little trouble installing it with my theme. My custom theme didn’t initially have the following standard code in the footer template: <?php wp_footer(); ?>

update 6-22-07: I removed it after using it for a while.

  • While the popup is coming up, you can’t click on the link; this happened a lot.
  • I started seeing some semi-pseudo advertising going on. I forget exactly what. Maybe it was “search for pages like this one” or some such. And there is a Firefox “search plugin” for users… so they’re using the plugin to get data from me.
  • Why in the world would I want the Snap popup to have a “search the web” text box? -That- is advertising.
  • It was kinda annoying.

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