This Lazy Sunday Morning

What we did this morning:

1 woke up
2 lazed
3 enjoyed the feel of the sheets on our skin
4 lazed in that eyes half-open perfectly comfy manner
5 mmmmmmmm
6 talked about what we might have for breakfast
7 snuggled
7b felt at one with… something
8 lazed
9 snuggled
10 started making the scones
11 started making the bacon
12 fresh orange juice, REALLY fresh, like nectar
13 started the fluffly scrambled eggs
14 steaming chocolate mocha!
15 everything steaming on the table at the same moment (except the orange juice of course)
16 yum bliss

Phew, we’ve had a busy day! Where’s my pillow? And it’s only 1:30pm!

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