Goings on…

We have just barely gotten to putting The Serpent Mother away. Hopefully next week we will be able to put a tarp over all of her vertebrae so she does not corrode too badly while in storage. In the last few days, we got the head elevated into the top of the shop for storage. I am afraid that the serpent mother will not be coming out again for quite a while. There are many other projects that we are working on.

Upcoming, we have the ever present shop maintenance… I volunteered to fix a welder of ours… though I know nothing about fixing such things.. It won’t be too hard, I hope. Charlotte is going to be fixing up a cabinet at the shop. We’re going to be moving the head of the Angel of the Apocalypse to a spot in the city soon. We’re working on nabbing part of a large grant from Redwood City to build birdbaths. And we’ve got to start thinking about our Burning Man 2007 project. Grant Proposals are due February 15th! And during that time, several Lotus Girls will be in Australia on tour with the Hand of God at this travelling event called “Big Day Out”!

I’m still working on getting the business going with Charlotte. That’s going ok. :-)

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