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FLG Fundraiser on Friday night

I’ve posted this flyer around the interweb…
You may have heard of us. We’re the Flaming Lotus Girls. We rocked the playa.
and we’re having a little shindig to celebrate!
(It’s also a bit of a fundraiser since we went just a teensy weensy bit

Here’s a link to the FLG supperclub party flyer.

supperclub, Flaming Lotus Girls and Get YER Freak on!
“Return of the Serpent Mother”

Friday Oct 20th, 11pm-3am

at supperclub – 657 Harrison St @ 3rd

in an evening of celebration for the Serpent Mother There will be a photo exhibit of FLG work with silent auction, FLG gear and if you’re lucky, the infamous Flaming Lotus “Kissing Booth”
Part of the Serpent Mother will be there to accompany us throughout the night.

La Salle Neige
M3- Green Gorilla Lounge
Majitope – Flaming Lotus Girls
Laird – LUSH/Get YER Freak on!
Goldilox – Brass Tax/LUSH

Ladies room
Hosted by Sister SF
Amber, Seraphim Delush
Forest Green, Samira
Audio Angel (live vox)

$10-20 donation

for dinner reservations, please call 415-348-0900 or visit

images & video!


Do you know who Trogdor is? If you don’t, your life is worth nothing.

You can turn things around right now

Web Economy Bullshit Generator

I had seen this a few years ago but Charlotte reminded me of it. It’s still perfectly relevant. I got a(nother) hoot out of it.

FLG references

I just thought this was cool. An artist in Ventura, CA contacted FLG looking for help with a permanent fire & water installation art piece for a restaurant/bar. An email went to the list with all the particulars. One bit stands out in my eye…

The burning man office suggested I call you.


Serpent Panorama Images