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Here are a few links to photos of the Serpent Mother. If I missed your link, please leave a comment. our blog My own panorama images FLG Jess Hobb’s Burning Man 2006 photos Jess’ FLG photos photos by Ryan Du Bois photos by Angela Knowles Burning Man 2006 Art Review by Mike Kuniavsky Videos by FLG Mad Nomad the fondest wish of one burner Several Videos on YouTube 500+ photos of the Serpent Mother on Flickr!

Individual Flickr photo pages by FLG Mills by ropersf by mack reed our FLG Marlise! by AlmostJaded by spacehippymatt by limelike by mullingitover by redmonkredux by sakeme by Michelle Palmer ‘In de Skies’ by loupiote ‘Mills’ Caroline Miller – Chicago installation by Lynn – Chicago installation

==More Text than Images== WIRED – if you look there are more photos of our snakey than the man burning 9,000+ Google links to the Serpent Mother The Serpent Mother was featured prominently in this article: GOING FOR THE BURN by Bill Picture, Sunday, August 20, 2006 – comments about the Serpent Mother Copy of Mozes pre-art preview

More from Lynn   BurningCam shots (look at this one and the next couple)


  1. Ausfuehrlicher Listmacher says:

    That’s it, young man. Time to puch yourself away from teh computer adn go out in the yard and play. The sun is shining and the FLG are making another sculpture–well as soon as they clean up the mess from teh last project.

  2. Lee says:

    A short article in IEEE Spectrum (!!)

  3. Lee says:

    Oona just posted this little video.

  4. Lee says:


    Here is the Serpent Mother from Space at Burning Man 2006, via Google Earth

  5. […] that is the giant snake that we worked on last year. You saw pictures of that, yes? Take a peek: tb – possibly related posts-Plaxo is imperfect-Plaxo is a good thing-Upgraded from WP 2.1 to […]

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