Investments I’m happy with

How should I invest my money? Here is what I’ve got right now. Could I do better? I prefer to monitor my investments a few times per month.

L long term investment (I’ll check on this every couple months and reconsider my investment)
L+ I highly regard this long term investment (I’ll leave my money here for a long time and not think about it)
S short term investment (I watch it every few weeks and might get out if there is a dramatic change)
S+ I highly regard this short term investment (I think I have a ‘pick’ here)

S+ Paypal Money Market – Currently earning 5.03%. Not FDIC Insured. Money markets very rarely lose more than 3% a year (making it a pretty safe, if low interest investment)

L+ BRK.B Berkshire Hathaway has dramatically outperformed the S&P 500 consistantly for 40 years, earning an average of 20% interest/year vs the S&P’s 10%

S JDSU – JDS Uniphase – makes very high bandwidth data transmission gear and other things.

L STZ – Constellation Brands – large worldwide wine, beer and liquor producer

S+ UARM – Under Armour – sports apparel maker. They are getting big fast and are in the process of getting into thousands of shopping malls in America. Be warned that apparel makers often have very tight sales margins and don’t usually do spectacularly

L NFLX – Netflix – They do DVD’s by mail better than anyone else. Walmart hasn’t done well against them in the market, which says a lot

L UPS – UPS – shipping stuff for the new mail order universe

L FDX – Fedex – shipping stuff for the new mail order universe. I’ve been told that I should only invest in one parcel company and that should be Fedex. That sounds shortsighted to me.

L TXT – Textron – they make golf carts, helicopters, small planes and lots in between

L+ TREMX – T. Rowe Price Emerging Europe & Mediterranean Fund – a mutual fund that has done well in the long term comprised of smaller European and Mediterranean companies.

L FLR – Flour Corporation – a competitor to Halliburton.

L ESLR – solar panel manufacturer

L BTU – Peabody Energy – coal mining company

L DNA – Genentech – a large Biotech company

L GILD – Gilead Sciences – They make a “one a day” tablet for AIDS patients instead of the 20 pill regimine they used to have to take

L+ MON – Monsanto – makes genetically modified crops

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  1. Zach Everson says:

    Looks like we have some similar investments: BRK.B, NFLX, and cash in PayPal. Do you read the Motley Fool as well?

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